Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala: Tevar determines to win Lovely back

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Panicking moment for Tevar

Tevar welcomes Kulfi in the form of happiness in his life. He shows his lavish house to her and tells her that this is her house. He surprises her with a decorated room. He asks her to call her dad. She tells him that she needs some time to call him dad. He asks her to feel like home. She asks him where is the music room. He tells her that they can make music in any room of the house, as music isn’t limited. He asks her not to compare things with Sikandar’s house, as this is their house. He asks the servants to be with Kulfi and fulfill all her wishes. Sikandar makes a cake to apologize to Amyra. Lovely thanks Bebe for supporting her. Bebe tells her that she has sent Kulfi, knowing Kulfi won’t be happy in their family. Kulfi misses Tevar.

She asks him if he loved her mother, why did he leave them. He asks her to forget her mother. He doesn’t reveal to her that Lovely is her mother. He stays mistaken because of Lovely’s lie. He tells her that he loved her mother a lot. He promises her that he will keep her happy. He swears to get Lovely back in his life. Sikandar apologizes to Lovely and tells her that he wanted Kulfi to go to her father, but he is feeling strange now. She tells him that they have to think about their lives now, since Amyra needs them. Sikandar and Lovely decide to fill happiness in Amyra’s life. Kulfi feels lost in Tevar’s house. She waits for family to come. Tevar tells her that its just two of them that comprises family. He tells her that he has ordered all the food just for her, she can have anything she likes.

Sikandar tries to convince Amyra, who is much depressed. She doesn’t want to forgive her parents so soon. She feels insulted because of Kulfi. She tells Sikandar that he failed to prove his love. She tells him that she isn’t bad, if she can’t share her dad’s love with anyone else. He really repents for his mistakes. He tells her that he will try and win her heart. He tells Amyra that he loves her a lot, its bigger than everything. Kulfi misses Sikandar and wonders if he has convinced Amyra. She asks Tevar if she can meet Sikandar. Tevar asks her not to worry for Sikandar and his daughter. She calls up Sikandar, which breaks Amyra’s happiness again. Amyra yells at him for never being true about his promises. Sikandar disconnects the call because of Amyra. Kulfi gets disheartened with his behavior. Tevar also gets affected by Kulfi’s tears.

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