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Know Upcoming On StarPlus… Krishna Chali London: Radhe questions Krishna over her return. He asks her why did she come back when he had ousted him. She tells him that Shukla has called her back. She doesn’t reveal about Shukla’s crimes to him, because of her deal with Shukla. She wants Shukla to give her freedom to live life the way she wants. Radhe opposes Krishna, since he doesn’t know about Shukla’s evil. She tells Radhe that she is his wife legally and has equal rights on his room and life. Radhe doesn’t want her back, since he is heartbroken. He tells her that Prashant is between them, and he can’t accept this. She tells him that Prashant isn’t between them. He doesn’t believe her. He gets hurting her heart and asks her to give him a husband’s right if she wants to be back home. She sheds tears and thanks him for letting her know that he has a devil in him. She scolds Radhe for his Raavan act.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Raman feels helpless because of his paralysis. Ishita motivates him and stays by his side. His painful phase gets troubling for family as well. Rajat hides about Raman’s complications. Rajat asks his junior doctor not to inform Sudha about Raman’s case. He asks him to assist Raman for his recovery, accept the bitter truth. He doesn’t want his elder sister Sudha to know anything about Raman’s case. He asks the doctor not to tell Raman’s family about the complications. He wishes that the family copes up with Raman’s inability and gives him strength. Ishita decides to help Raman recover. The family gets happy to see Raman happy with Pihu. Ishita tells them that they have to be with Raman through thick and thin and help him without making him feel bad and helpless.

Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala:

Tevar wants Lovely back in his life. He corners Lovely and tells her that Kullfi is their daughter and needs her. He asks her to come back to him, along with Amyra, as Sikandar can never keep her happy. Lovely doesn’t listen to him. Tevar tells her that he is ready to accept Sikandar’s child Amyra for her sake. Lovely asks him to just leave from her life. He asks her to think about Kulfi, who really wants her mother’s love. Mohendar’s wife spots them together and wonders what’s their relation. Tevar tells Kulfi that he will win the Dahi Handi competition for her sake. Sikandar tries to talk to Kulfi, but Tevar comes in between. He stays happy that Kulfi is accepting Tevar as her dad. Amyra asks him if he will win the competition for her sake. Sikandar promises of winning the competition for her happiness. Sikandar and Tevar go for the competition.

YRKKH: Kartik asks Lord Krishna to help him get rid of his emotional dilemma. He wants to know what he wants to convey Naira. He wonders why he is so restless. Kirti tells Naksh that the actors playing Radha and Krishna didn’t turn up. She convinces him to become Krishna and perform with her in the skit. She checks the script and wishes that the right message reaches Kartik and Naira. She asks Naksh to perform in the skit as its a noble deed. Naksh agrees to Kirti. They both take Radha and Krishna’s avatars and surprise both the families. Kartik gets happy to see them. He gets to hear their emotional lines and understands what he is meant to do. Kartik also believes in his love and is sure that Naira will forgive him. Kartik relates to Radha and Krishna’s love story. He gets ready to take up the responsibility of his mistakes and make a hearty apology to Naira.

Ishqbaaz: Shivay and Anika have a moment. A burglar enters the house and ruins the security systems. Khanna doesn’t learn about it. Priyanka and Gauri’s planning fails. They stay upset. Anika asks them why are they planning so much to bring Shivay and her closer. She gets happy with their efforts and pulls their leg by fake annoyance. She tells them that its fate that brought her close to Shivay. She wants to leave things on fate. Khanna informs Shivay about the security systems break down. Shivay doesn’t want any security breach and asks Khanna to get everything fixed. Shivay wants to know why Mohit left his magic show midway. He questions Mohit. Mohit replies him with his magical tricks. He tells them that Nancy is the reason for this, he couldn’t stand his wife’s insult and reacted badly with the sponsor. Shivay can’t believe Mohit’s other side. Nancy feels lucky to have Mohit with him.

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