Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Raman fails to rescue family from a sudden attack

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Fun drama begins with Bhallas' batting

Raman feels helpless because of his paralysis. Ishita motivates him and stays by his side. His painful phase gets troubling for family as well. Rajat hides about Raman’s complications. Rajat asks his junior doctor not to inform Sudha about Raman’s case. He asks him to assist Raman for his recovery, accept the bitter truth. He doesn’t want his elder sister Sudha to know anything about Raman’s case. He asks the doctor not to tell Raman’s family about the complications. He wishes that the family copes up with Raman’s inability and gives him strength. Ishita decides to help Raman recover. The family gets happy to see Raman happy with Pihu. Ishita tells them that they have to be with Raman through thick and thin and help him without making him feel bad and helpless.

Ruhi and Pihu stay with Raman and ask him not to feel bad if they support him, as he has always supported them. Ruhi convinces him to come with her in the evening and meet the new doctor, who would help him recover. Raman asks Ishita to tell him where are they taking him. Ruhi tells him about the appointment with therapist.

Raman doesn’t like the idea. He feels bad that he can’t even walk out in such a condition. Ruhi and Aaliya get troubled and try to park their car. Ishita helps the girls. They get more troubled when some men talk to them rudely. Raman wants to help them out, but the men mock him on seeing him on a wheelchair. The men misbehave with Ishita, Ruhi and Aaliya, and challenge Raman. They ask Raman if he is capable enough to save the girls. Raman gets attacked by the men. Raman asks them to leave his family. He falls helpless and shouts for help. Ishita gets worried seeing Raman’s condition getting worse.

Raman was getting on in his life with his inability, but this incident shatters him within. He feels frustrated when he fails to help them. Police reaches there on time and saves the girls. Raman tells Ishita that he can’t protect them, he feels useless and vulnerable. The men get arrested by police. Raman loses hopes and gets heartbroken. Ruhi makes him meet the therapist. Raman gets positive and apologizes to Ishita for shouting on her. Simmi looks after Raman to repent for her crimes. She feels responsible for Raman’s state. On the other hand, Rajat conceals the truth about Raman’s surgery. What is Rajat hiding? Keep reading.


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