YRKKH: Hearty apologies and reunion time for KaiRa

Yeh Rishta Shocker for Kartik highers the drama

YRKKH: Hearty apologies and reunion time for KaiRa.. Kartik gets confused over his feelings and asks Lord Krishna to help him clear his dilemma. Naksh plays Lord Krishna and Kirti plays Radha in the skit. Radha stays annoyed with Krishna for his mistakes. Naksh as Krishna apologizes to Kirti during the skit. Kartik watches the skit and derives own meaning from it. Kartik realizes that he should also apologize to Naira. He feels this is the solution which Lord is showing him. He thanks the Lord for helping him. Kartik goes to apologize to Naira for not understanding her and breaking their marriage. He wonders how will Suwarna react to his move.

Kartik meets Naira and apologizes to her. He breaks down and tells her that he is sorry to keep all the expectations from her alone, when he couldn’t fulfill her expectations. He has realized his mistakes after two years. He understands that he has been wrong and unjust towards Naira.

Kartik tells her that he couldn’t protect her and her happiness. He says I have snatched your house, family and happiness, I m responsible for your sorrow, I have done injustice with you. He says I have given you just sorrow and pain. He asks her if she can forgive her. He tells her that he has realized his mistake and hidden about Mansi’s pregnancy when she asked him to tell everyone about it. He says I have blamed you for two years for hiding about Shubham’s matter, but I have done the same mistake and even Suwarna did the mistake.

Naira can’t understand his emotional burst. She thinks what she should do, how she should react on his request of reconciliation. He tells her that he will try his best to win his apology. He finds it hard to assure her that he is much ashamed. He tells her that he is making a last try to get another chance to unite with her. He asks Naira to forgive him once. Naira gets into an emotional dilemma.


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