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Jiji Maa

Know Upcoming On Star.. Papa By Chance:
Yuvaan gets a hint of Samraj’s old property where Samraj’s friend’s family lives. He tracks down Amrit Nivas. He gets delighted to meet his childhood friend Amrit, whom he didn’t see since years. Amrit has been keeping information about him. She knows about the accident case. When he acts over friendly, she gives him a tight slap and scolds him. Amrit’s engagement ceremony spoils by Yuvaan’s homecoming. She wants him out of her life. There happens a big drama, since he refuses to leave his dad’s house.

Jiji Maa:

Piyali captivates Suyash and Falguni. She gets blackmailing both of them and tests the strength of their love. Suyash gets helpless to listen to Piyali’s unfair demands to save Falguni’s life. He asks Piyali to spare Falguni and let her go home. Piyali keeps a condition and asks him to dance along with her on a romantic song. When he refuses, she takes it as his approval and dances with him forcibly, in order to send the dance video to Falguni. Suyash is left free by Piyali. Falguni gets happy that they can go home. Falguni gets the shocking video and understands Suyash’s helplessness. Suyash and Falguni realize Piyali’s madness.

YRKKH: Suwarna to witness Kartik’s selfless love for Naira… Naira breaks down on seeing Kartik’s sorrowful apology. The blast occurs all of a sudden, before she could give him a reply. The impact shocks everyone. Kartik and Naira get together in such a shocking time, while the family doesn’t know about their whereabouts. Manish and Naitik get bit hurt and worry for each other. They get friendly because of the incident once again and look for their children. Lav and Kush get terrified and break their silence finally. They tell Goenkas about Kartik’s plan to meet Naira at the place which caught up the fire. The family gets a big shock knowing they both are in danger. Singhanias also learn about Kartik and Naira’s lives in danger. They try to get inside the place and save them. Kartik and Naira become each other’s support. Her state gets worse, while Kartik bears the troubles to protect her. He shouts for some help.

Krishna Chali London:

Shukla can’t accept Krishna’s initiative to change the family. Krishna gets a treadmill for Shukla’s wife’s recovery. Krishna tells Radhe that its only beneficial for them to maintain health. She asks Shukla’s wife to wear track suit and walk on the treadmill. The family opposes Krishna’s new thinking. Shukla’s wife asks Krishna why is she making things tough for her. Krishna hands over the track suit to her and asks her to wear Salwar Kameez for her comfort. Krishna asks her to think of her health first. She wants Shukla to support him in this regard. He gets blackmailed again and gives his approval, with a plan to teach a lesson to Krishna later. He doesn’t want his family to go out of his control. Shukla’s wife doesn’t want to go against him, as she knows his anger.

Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala:

Amyra makes Sikandar promise that he won’t meet Kullfi now. She tells him that Kulfi has got her dad now. Sikandar tells her that she can’t keep such demands. She tells him that its not her mistake that Kulfi needs their sympathy. He gets helpless and promises Amyra on Bebe’s command. Tevar gets too angry and hurts himself, thinking of Kulfi’s lie for Sikandar. Kulfi clarifies that she has prayed for Sikandar’s victory so that everyone stays happy. She asks Tevar to beat her, instead hurting himself. He asks her the reason for her lie. He asks if she didn’t wish him to win. Her innocent reply melts his heart. She tells him that she wanted Sikandar and Lovely to be happy and get Amyra back home. Sikandar gives up in front of his family’s wish and tells Amyra that he will not meet Kulfi.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Raman’s strange behavior worries Ishita… The doctor tells Ishita that Raman is aggressive and he is suppressing his emotions now, which will trigger him later on. She compliments Ishita for her lovely bond with Raman, but alerts her about Raman’s mood swings. She asks Ishita not to show sympathy to Raman and be with him as support. Ishita takes the advice and also wants Raman to not control his frustration. Raman gels with the family happily after the therapy session. The family feels Raman is happy after meeting the therapist and should continue the sessions. Rajat talks to Ishita about Raman’s condition. He tells her that she should boost Raman’s morale and help him recover. She updates him about Raman and thanks him for all the help. She finds him a genuine person at heart.

Ishqbaaz: Nancy’s troubling obsession angers Shivay… Nancy falls for Shivay, and starts cheating her husband Mohit. She adds sleeping pills in his tea and makes him sleep, so that she can get intimate with Shivay. She goes to Shivay and tries to get close to him, without his will, shocking him to the core. Anika gets restless and thinks of checking on Shivay once. She has no idea about Shivay, who has become Nancy’s target now. Shivay tries to make Nancy away, but she gets forcing herself on him with her cheap thinking. Shivay gets raging in anger and tells her that he will throw her out of his house. She tells him that Mohit and Anika won’t know about them. She gets a misconception that he likes her too. He clears out that she is just his friend’s wife for him. He asks her to get away. When Anika enters the room, Nancy hides and plays along to make Shivay lie to his wife. Shivay manages to send Anika out of the room. Nancy refuses to leave.

Mariam Khan – Reporting LIVE:
Aayat gets a huge shock when Jibraan comes to Mariam’s rescue. Aayat doesn’t want Jibraan to love Mariam as his sister. Mariam makes a cute Rakhi for Jibraan and ties to his wrist, which angers Aayat. Before Aayat could punish Mariam, Jibraan protects his sister and warns Aayat against making Mariam cry again. Aayat asks him the reason for his friendship with Mariam. He tells her how Mariam has put herself in danger and saved his life. On the other hand, Rifat puts Mahira in trouble by asking her to tie the Rakhi to Rihaan. She wants Zain’s belief on Mahira to break. She tries to expose Mahira and Rihaan’s affair to Zain and family, so that she can create a big issue between both the families. Mahira seeks help from Meher to deal with the stucky situation.

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