Krishna Chali London: Krishna and Shukla’s ‘Tom and Jerry’ battles

Krishna Chali London: Shukla's new vicious plan

Shukla can’t accept Krishna’s initiative to change the family. Krishna gets a treadmill for Shukla’s wife’s recovery. Krishna tells Radhe that its only beneficial for them to maintain health. She asks Shukla’s wife to wear track suit and walk on the treadmill. The family opposes Krishna’s new thinking. Shukla’s wife asks Krishna why is she making things tough for her. Krishna hands over the track suit to her and asks her to wear Salwar Kameez for her comfort. Krishna asks her to think of her health first. She wants Shukla to support him in this regard. He gets blackmailed again and gives his approval, with a plan to teach a lesson to Krishna later. He doesn’t want his family to go out of his control. Shukla’s wife doesn’t want to go against him, as she knows his anger.

Krishna doesn’t take revenge from Shukla and asks him to just support her. He lies to them that he wants his wife to get well soon. He agrees to Krishna’s demands. Krishna gets happy. She meets Saajan to seek his help and convince Radhe about their relation. Saajan tells her that he doesn’t want to get into Radhe’s matter now.

Krishna reminds him the duties of a real friend and convinces him to help. She doesn’t realize the upcoming danger. Shukla hires the goons to get the evidence from Krishna. He is sure that Krishna can’t defeat him. He wants to settle scores with his bahu. Krishna gets kidnapped by the goons. The goons find Shukla so mean that he got his bahu kidnapped. Krishna finds herself on the road and wonders what happened to her. She doesn’t remember anything about the attack when she gains consciousness. She returns home and stays terrified assuming that something wrong happened with her. Shukla puts her in fear. She recollects her kidnapping and wonders the motive behind it. Shukla stops her from calling Radhe.

He shows her phone which he got through his goons. He crushes her phone and ruins the evidence she had against him. He tells her that he has got her kidnapped to teach her a lesson. He doesn’t want Krishna to make him dance on her tunes. He promises to trouble her further if she stands against him. He demands her to leave from the house without informing the family. Krishna can’t believe that Shukla has stooped so low. She sees his evil side once again. Krishna tells Shukla that he is foolish to think that she had video in just her phone. She tells him that she has saved the evidence copy. She clarifies that she has enough evidence against him. She wonders why he worked so hard to erase the evidence. Shukla plans to break Radhe and Krishna’s marriage.


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