Krishna Chali London: Krishna succeeds to convince Shukla family

Krishna Chali London: Krishna to protect Shukla and family

Krishna Chali London: Krishna succeeds to convince Shukla family.. Shukla warns Krishna and asks her to better mend her ways. She tells him that she can risk everything to achieve her aims. She asks him to better be in his limits. She feels angered on his cheap act to put her in risk. Krishna gears up to bring change in family. Shukla’s wife doesn’t want to listen to Krishna, even if Shukla tells her. Krishna asks her to follow the diet she is preparing and also walk on the treadmill. Shukla’s wife asks Krishna why did she come back, when she didn’t wish to keep the marriage before. Krishna tells her that she didn’t wish to leave the house, she wasn’t helpless to come back and avoid divorce and dreams. She tells the family that its easy for her to fulfill her dreams by taking divorce from Radhe, but she has come back as she loves the family and also holds respect in heart. She asks them to show some belief in her. The family agrees to Krishna’s request.

Krishna makes everyone get a makeover. Radhe protests against Krishna, when the family doesn’t feel comfortable. Krishna locks up Radhe and asks him not to intervene. He asks her not to force his mum. Krishna tells him that she is doing this for their betterment. She makes Shukla’s wife walk on the treadmill, so that her leg pain gets away. Krishna tells them that its nothing dangerous, everyone uses treadmill at homes to exercise at their ease. Radhe gets angry and tells Krishna that he will break the machine. Shukla’s wife gets happy with the treadmill and likes the machine. Radhe stops himself from breaking the machine. Krishna tells Lali that everyone needs to try few things to know its benefits. She gets happy with Shukla’s wife has given good response to the treadmill.

Shukla gets another idea to break up Radhe and Krishna. He gets Prashant’s call and tells him that he also wants Krishna out. He meets Prashant and tells him how Krishna is blackmailing him. He asks Prashant to convince Krishna by love and take her away. Prashant tells him that he wants Krishna at any cost. Shukla gets enraged and asks him to make a plan to win Krishna. Radhe and Krishna get into an argument. She tells him that she has taken money from him to get a treadmill for his mum. He gifts her a phone to calm her anger. Krishna attends a call. Radhe gets taunting her over the call.

Krishna finds Radhe getting jealous and makes sure that he follows her, so that she ends all his doubts from roots at once. She thanks him for the gift and doesn’t tell him where she is going. She asks him not to follow her. Radhe follows her and reaches the hotel, where he suspects Krishna to be romancing her boyfriend Prashant. He decides to kill Prashant and end the story at once. He finds Krishna there and tells her that he won’t leave Prashant. Dubey wishes Krishna to fulfill her dreams of becoming a doctor.

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