Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala: Mohendar surrounds Lovely in a storm

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Lovely gets irked by 'father-daughter' unions

Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala: Mohendar surrounds Lovely in a storm… Kulfi tells Tevar that she has gone to meet Sikandar once, but he has made him away. Tevar asks her not to go to Sikandar again, since Sikandar and his family don’t care for her. Lovely gets worried for Gunjan. Sikandar calls the doctor to get Gunjan treated. Lovely fears that Mohendar will break his silence and bring a storm in their lives. When Lovely sees police at home, she fears that Mohendar has called the police. Tevar wants to make Lovely and Sikandar pay a price for hurting Kulfi. Tevar calls Lovely to scold her, but she doesn’t answer. Kulfi stops Tevar from calling Sikandar. Inspector talks to Sikandar about David’s case. Lovely gets a bit relieved. Doctor tells them about Gunjan’s paralysis and asks them to admit her in hospital. Sikandar asks Lovely about Gunjan’s accident, but she acts ignorant about it. Mohendar gets raging on Lovely’s clever tricks.

Kulfi gets scared of Tevar’s anger and cries. Tevar doesn’t want to make her cry. He apologizes to her and asks her not to cry, he won’t get angry. He finds her too innocent and thinks of making her smile once again. Lovely worries for Mohendar’s angry move. She tries to talk to him in private and sends Bebe out by some excuse. She asks Mohendar what is he thinking right now. She apologizes to him for Gunjan’s state. She tells him that this is her mistake as he has started a fight about Kulfi’s rights, which Gunjan overheard. She asks him to lie to everyone and not tell anyone about their argument. Mohendar gets silent in shock. Sikandar hugs Mohendar and tells him that Gunjan will recover. Kulfi doesn’t know what problem Sikandar is facing at home. She sits sad. Tevar cheers her up and loves her a lot. Kulfi gets happy and accepts him as her dad. Tevar and Kulfi bond like never before.

Tevar tells her that she should always be happy. Kulfi then misses Sikandar again and feels she has lost her happiness somewhere in Sikandar’s house. Sikandar looks after Amyra, while Lovely gets lying to the family about Gunjan’s accident. Mohendar breaks his silence and tells Lovely that she has pushed Gunjan and hurt her. Lovely denies everything and tells him that she didn’t do anything intentionally.

He tells her that he won’t spare her, as she has hurt his wife. He threatens her that he will tell everything to Sikandar, he was silent just for Sikandar and his happiness, but since she is crossing all the limits, he will not be quiet and tell Sikandar about Kulfi. She tells him that he won’t tell the truth to Sikandar. He tells her that he will tell truth about Sikandar and Kulfi’s blood ties. He swears that he will get Kulfi back home and unite her with her real dad Sikandar. Lovely and Cutie try to shut up Mohendar, who shouts to Sikandar to reveal the truth. Sikandar reaches there, when Lovely blocks his way. Sikandar asks Mohendar about the matter. Mohendar tells him that they can’t trust Tevar, and asks him to get Kulfi back home. He tells Sikandar that he needs to tell him a big truth about Kulfi.

Sikandar tells him that he is also worried for Kulfi, but maybe Tevar is really her dad. Lovely gets worried seeing the brothers sharing the secret. Lovely indirectly asks Sikandar to get Kulfi home. Lovely gets enraged. She understands that Mohendar can bring a storm in her life. Cutie asks Lovely to do something before things get worse. Lovely falls in big trouble because of her lie. Kulfi falls ill, while Tevar demands her to be at their daughter’s side. Lovely denies to Tevar’s demands. Tevar decides to trouble Lovely.

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