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Surprise Spoilers Top 6 Tuesday Twists 25th June 2019

TR’s Reminders… Jiji Maa:
Suyash and Falguni come up with a way to get the investor. They worry that all the investors are backing out and withdrawing support. Falguni invites Mr. Kapoor home to show that their family isn’t wrong as projected by the media. Falguni hopes to convince Mr. Kapoor for investing in Rawat industries again. Mr. Kapoor gets happy with Suyash and Falguni’s hospitality. He agrees to sign the deal with Rawat industries. Piyali makes an entry home and tells Mr. Kapoor about Suyash’s defamation via drugs case and the shares losing its price. She asks Mr. Kapoor not to invest in Rawat industries, which is bankrupt now. Piyali aims to buy Rawat industries and ruin Falguni.

Udaan: Imli re-attempts to kill Chakor... Chakor and Suraj have an argument on their first meeting after seven years. She calls him a self-obsessed person, who didn’t care for his wife and ended their relation. Suraj clears to her that she isn’t his wife and he doesn’t have any faith in her. He ends all the ties with Chakor, which angers her so much that she breaks her nuptial chain, declaring the death of their marital bond. Imli sends the goons to kidnap Anjor. She fears that Chakor will learn Anjor’s truth. She doesn’t want Anjor to go to school. She gets Anjor and her mother kidnapped. Chakor follows Anjor to save her life.

Tu Aashiqui:
Aparna defends Ahaan’s case and tells the court that a witness has seen Rangoli manipulating Ahaan to take him to the hotel room. Rangoli gets worried when Aparna gets the drug supplier to court. Aparna asks the drug supplier about delivering the drugs to Ahaan and framing him. Aparna proves that Rangoli and her secretary Mishka has played the stalking game and also drugged Ahaan by feeding him the brownie. Aparna wants Ahaan to be proved innocent in the court case. Pankti helps Aparna in getting the witnesses to the court on time. Aparna tries to prove Rangoli’s crimes.

Krishna Chali London:
Krishna takes Saajan and Guddan’s help so that she can win back Radhe’s trust by clearing his misunderstanding about Prashant. Radhe gets to hear Krishna’s planning to meet Prashant. He loses his cool and follows Krishna to confront her about her lies. Radhe reaches the hotel and asks about Prashant and Krishna at the reception. He learns about their room number and reaches the room to know about their affair. Krishna appears happy to Radhe. He angrily decides to kill Prashant and exact his revenge. Krishna then proves to Radhe that she isn’t with Prashant, and still he could easily get tricked into believing about her affair, by listening or seeing wrong things. Krishna tells Radhe that marriage is based on trust and he shouldn’t doubt her this way. Radhe feels sorry and apologizes to Krishna.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Raman saves the little baby Adi from getting hurt in the nick of the time. Though he does his best to rescue the baby, he fails to throw away the danger completely. He shouts to Ishita and family to reach him fast and hold the suspending lamp over the Adi. Raman fears that his incapability might be proved really dangerous for the family. He gets more depressed. Ishita tries to motivate him, by asking him to see the brighter side of everything, like his survival post the tough surgery.

Shivay gets trapped by Mohit’s wife Nancy, who puts him in an unthinkable situation. Mohit and Anika return home together, only to find Shivay and Nancy too closer. Nancy wants Shivay to give an explanation this time, knowing he will never hurt Mohit’s sentiments. Nancy gets cheaper, when the family throws a party for Mohit and Nancy. Shivay lands in big trouble finding Nancy murdered.

Mariam Khan:
Mariam gets connected to Jibraan by heart, since he starts believing in her genuine care. He loves Mariam as his sister and vows to protect her from Aayat. Aayat gets a shock on seeing Jibraan changing towards Mariam. He makes her promise that she won’t hurt Mariam again. Aayat promises only for the sake of his happiness, but doesn’t want to spare Mariam. Jibraan tells Mariam that he will help her in talking to her father. He tries to steal Aayat’s phone to make Mariam talk to Majaaz. Mariam and Jibraan hide from Aayat, knowing her anger.

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