Internet Wala Love: Jai puts efforts to earn Aadhya’s forgiveness

Internet Wala Love Jai on verge of realizing love

Jai tries to convince Aadhya. He waits for her and tries to call her. She doesn’t answer her call. He thinks how is she avoiding him, after all he is Rj Jai, the cool dude. He doesn’t want to see Shubhankar. He tells his friend that Shubhankar will beat him if he sees him. Aadhya happens to see him outside her house and gets angry. She threatens to tell Shubhankar about him. He runs to stop her. He asks her to give him just a minute time to apologize. He apologizes to her from bottom of his heart. He tells her that its very tough for him to apologize to her, but he is still trying, since its his Dadi’s command. She gets a shock when he apologizes. She knows he is a prankster. She wonders if he is playing any prank again. She thinks he is troubling her again by some plan. She asks him to leave from her house. He refuses to go till she forgives him.

Aadhya tells Jai that he has to earn her forgiveness, he can’t get away with everything instantly. Jai takes her word and promises to earn forgiveness. Jai waits for Aadhya at the office. He gets happy when she arrives.

She saves Jai from the hot tea falling over his hand. Aadhya’s hand gets burnt by the hot tea. Jai worries and rushes to care for her. She doesn’t care by his sympathy. She stays rude to him. He tells her that he is really repenting and she should trust him once. Jai tells Vihaan that Aadhya has a serious problem with him, she isn’t accepting his apology. Vihaan has become Aadhya’s friend and takes her side. He asks Jai to try harder, as his mistakes are too big to be easily forgiven. Aadhya wants Jai to apologize to her dad first.


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