Kunal and Nandini’s Silsila to shatter Mauli


Kunal and Nandini’s Silsila to shatter Mauli… Mauli thinks Ganpati Bappa will end all her problems. She finds some hurdles coming in her life and doesn’t want Kunal’s happiness to get less. All she worries about is Kunal. She has no idea that Kunal is cheating her. Kunal and Nandini’s truth gets close to get revealed. Kunal celebrates Ganesh Chaturthi with Mauli and Nandini. The special episodes brings wonderful performances of Colors’ shows pairings. They play Antakshari and dance on film songs. Kunal and Mauli dance on a romantic song. Kunal has his eyes stuck on Nandini. Mauli doesn’t observe that he is lost somewhere else. Kunal and Mayank take the Ganpati idols for Visarjan. Mauli and Nandini dance in the celebrations with much enthusiasm.

Rajdeep applies the colors on his face and gets between them so that no one identifies him. Rajdeep makes sure that their happiness is short lived. He makes Kunal and Nandini have spiked drinks. Kunal and Nandini get light-headed. They get over their inner inhibitions and dance together in a romantic way.

Kunal and Mauli’s families watch them dancing close. Rajdeep asks Mauli to open her eyes and see her best friend’s truth, Nandini is really someone who can’t be trusted. He instigates Mauli against Nandini. Mauli tells Rajdeep that its not just about Nandini, but Kunal too, she has immense faith in Kunal and can’t believe this. She realizes that Kunal is not on his feet and behaving that way. Rajdeep finds her really foolish to see everything and not willing to understand. Mauli doesn’t want her dream world to shatter. Kunal and Nandini apply colors to each other’s face and hug happily. Rajdeep asks Mauli to understand that Kunal and Nandini are in love, and having an extra-martial affair. Mauli then overhears Kunal and Nandini, and realizes that they are really into a relationship. Mauli confronts Kunal and Nandini for their big deceive. How will Mauli accept Kunal and Nandini’s growing relation? Keep reading.

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