Ishq SubhanAllah: Ruksar returns to bring a new storm

Ishq SubhanAllah Ruksar ugly accusation shocks Kabeer

Kabeer and Zara get help from police. They get saved. Kabeer fights with Miraj. He tells Zara that Miraj has tortured her a lot and she will make Miraj pay for his crimes. He encourages Zara to beat up Miraj so much that even his soul apologizes to her. Zara gets angered and thinks of Miraj’s crimes. She bashes up Miraj like never before, while Kabeer helps her. They get Miraj arrested.

Kabeer and Zara get free from Miraj’s clutches. Zara wants to find the girl and her parents. She tells Kabeer that some girl was buried in her place. Kabeer realizes that Miraj has swapped the girl with Zara. She tells him that she wants to meet the girl’s parents. They visit the police station and learn about the girl. They get the girl’s address and meet her parents. They apologize and regret for the girl’s unfortunate death.

Kabeer breaks the shocking news. He explains the couple about their daughter’s burial. Kabeer takes the girl’s father to the grave so that the man can make prayers. The man prays for his daughter’s soul peace. He gets thankful to Kabeer for revealing the truth. Kabeer and Zara solve the problem. Zara feels relieved and goes home, only to face indifference by Kabeer’s dad.

Kabeer and Zara celebrate their freedom and together. Ruksar gets tortured by her husband. She just loves Kabeer. She kills her husband and wants to return in Kabeer’s life. Ruksar declares that she is coming back in Kabeer’s life to win his love. Kabeer and Zara will face new problems because of Ruksar’s madness. Ruksar will bring a storm in Kabeer’s life.


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