Silsila: Rajdeep’s disguise, Mauli’s denial and more…

Silsila: Rajdeep's disguise, Mauli's denial and more...

Silsila: Rajdeep’s disguise, Mauli’s denial and more… Nandini performs in the function. She has a dance face off with Tara. Nandini imagines Kunal dancing with her romantically. Nandini wins the dance challenge. Tara falls down during her performance and loses. Rajdeep takes a disguise of a drummer. He keeps an eye on Nandini. Rajdeep plans Nandini’s wardrobe malfunction. Kunal learns this and reaches Nandini to save her from embarrassment. Kunal really performs with Nandini and covers her up. Everyone thinks Kunal and Nandini’s act was a part of the dance. Kunal’s family asks him how did he dance with Nandini this way. Mauli feels bad seeing them.

Rajdeep misbehaves with Nandini. Kunal happens to see them. He saves Nandini. Rajdeep angers Kunal and reveals his ill misdeed. Kunal and Rajdeep get into a fight for Nandini. Kunal gets too possessive. Nandini has become his passion now. He loves her a lot, and doesn’t care for Mauli or the world. Rajdeep gets insulting Kunal and shouts to everyone about Kunal taking interest in Nandini. Kunal isn’t scared that Rajdeep can tell his truth to the family. Rajdeep asks Kunal to think well, he can tell the truth and shame Kunal in front of everyone, this will affect entire family. Kunal loses his cool.

Kunal asks him to stop rubbish and leave. Rajdeep vows to break Kunal and Nandini’s happy world. He confronts Kunal for snatching his wife and having an affair. Kunal asks him to stop his nonsense. Mauli and Nandini learn about their fight. Mauli hears the blames by Rajdeep, who asks her to see how madly Kunal is beating him. Rajdeep tells Mauli that Kunal is acting crazy just because he loves Nandini. Mauli feels its not Nandini’s mistake. She forgives Nandini and shows belief in her. Mauli hugs Kunal and asks him not to feel bad by Rajdeep’s cheap blames. Mauli sees Kunal’s care for Nandini. She finds his behavior weird. She is happy that Kunal is caring for Nandini, but she is worried thinking of the doubt seed planted by Rajdeep in her heart. She feels insecure.

She tells Kunal that he is just of her. Kunal also faces the reality. Mauli doesn’t want Rajdeep’s blames to turn true. She tells everything to satisfy and calm her heart. Kunal feels sorry for Mauli. She tells him that he can’t leave her. She knows Kunal and Nandini had spiked drinks and so danced that way. She believes Kunal will not lie to her. Kunal is attracted to Nandini.

Aditya tries to explain Kunal that he is doing wrong to have an affair with Nandini, Mauli is his wife and he should be loyal to her. Kunal denies everything. He tells Aditya that he has no relations with Nandini. Aditya tells him that whatever is going on, he should be careful and not break hearts. Mauli gets advised by everyone that she should focus on her marriage, since the relation is strong and fragile too, she needs to be alert and not let anyone hinder between Kunal and her relation. Mauli trusts Nandini and Kunal a lot.

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