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Tonight On Star Plus.. YHM: Ishita doesn’t want Raman to get more bitter and frustrated about his condition. She takes Ruhi’s help and meets the therapist. Raman turns happy after the therapy session. Ishita feels delighted that Raman is back on the good front. The therapist asks Ishita to let Raman do all his work. She asks Ishita to treat him like a normal person and encourage him, rather than making him feel disabled and sympathizing with him. Ishita wants Raman to be smiling. Raman also puts efforts to keep the family happy. Raman tells Ruhi that they shall have lunch at the hotel. Rajat is also at the same hotel and refuses to carry on a surgery. Rajat learns that a patient has died because of his mistake committed in the surgery. Rajat gets stressed when Ishita spots him. The doctor tells Rajat that the patient lost his life just because of the wrong surgical process. Rajat makes an excuse and rushes away.

Yeh Rishta:Devyaani tells Naira about the auto lock system in the cupboard. She tells her that she will get the spare keys and check for diary later. She goes to attend her patients. Kartik asks Naira to go and get the keys soon. Naira tells him that she will get the keys and open the cupboard. She tries to get the keys from Devyaani by making excuses. Manish looks for Kartik. He realizes that Kartik isn’t at home. Naira runs to free Kartik from cupboard. She worries for him. They get saved from Naitik’s sight. Kartik tells Naira that is is going but only to come forever. He promises that he won’t be turning away from his love again and nobody can separate them. Naira tells him that she will not let anyone create problems for their love. She doesn’t want to hurt elders.

Ishqbaaz: Nancy to bluff Shivay in the masquerade party… Shivay asks his brothers to be sure that the guests aren’t upset. He doesn’t want Rudra to do any mischief again. Rudra finds Bhavya in the party and asks her if she has attained any high rank that she has entered his house. Bhavya and Rudra hit jokes at each other. Shivay tries to solve their fight. Shivay welcomes Bhavya and thanks her for coming. He tells Anika that Bhavya has helped him in finding her and getting Daksh arrested. Anika gets grateful to Bhavya. Bhavya feels some bond with them. Shivay asks Rudra to forget the old annoyances. He introduces Bhavya to his family. Rudra feels like he is not related to Shivay. He cries that Shivay made him feel like an outsider. He complains to Omkara and gets scolded instead.

Krishna Chali London: Radhe to commit an unthinkable deed… Radhe doesn’t want Krishna to leave from his life. He meets Saajan and finds a solution to stop Krishna. He comes home and worriedly looks for Krishna. He gets happy on seeing her. He executes his plan to trick her into believing that she has failed in her exam. Saajan assures Radhe that he will handle everything. Krishna prays for her result. She has high hopes that she will pass. She goes to the cyber cafe to check her result. Saajan and Radhe deceive her. Radhe wishes her good luck. Saajan hands over the wrong result to Krishna. Krishna passes by good marks, but gets the wrong result. Krishna cries knowing she has failed. She can’t believe that her dreams have shattered once again. Radhe thanks Saajan. He promises that he will love Krishna and help her forget this result sorrow. Saajan asks him to protect Krishna from Shukla’s conspiracies.

Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala: Sikandar battles to succeed as a father.. Tevar meets Lovely and confronts her for not seeing Kulfi. He asks her why is she not concerned for Kulfi, if she loves Amyra. He asks Lovely if Kulfi isn’t her child. He criticizes her for not having any emotions for Kulfi. He still believes Lovely’s lie. He reminds Lovely that Kulfi is their daughter, Kulfi needs both of them. Kulfi meets Lovely and hugs her. She gets happy and asks Tevar not to be angry on Lovely. Kulfi misses Sikandar. Lovely tells her that Sikandar is fine. Kulfi wants to send flowers for Sikandar. Lovely wants Tevar and Kulfi to leave from their lives. She asks Tevar to take away Kulfi, so that they aren’t connected further. Tevar asks Lovely if she has lost her mind that she hates her own daughter. Lovely keeps her lie and gets frustrated within. She dumps the flowers given by Kulfi. She wants to stop Mohendar from instilling doubt in Sikandar’s mind.


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