Perfect Pati: Pushkar to verify Vidhi’s virtuous side

Perfect Pati

Perfect Pati: Pushkar to verify Vidhi’s virtuous side… Pushkar visits Vidhi’s village to know about her further. He wants to be sure of her righteous character. He finds out that Vidhi has refused to marry Rangeela, and its just Rangeela who is troubling Vidhi. He gets sure that Vidhi is indeed a good-hearted and simple girl. Pushkar gets relieved with the alliance. Rajshri invites Vidhi and her family home to take the alliance ahead. Rajshri introduces his relatives, but Pushkar reveals their reality. He calms Rajshri and expresses how much he values clarity in speech. Pushkar takes Vidhi to show his house. Rajshri calls pandit home to get a marriage date.

Ashwin wants the marriage to happen soon, so that Maasa doesn’t create any troubles. He asks Maasa to bless Vidhi as her own daughter and stay happy in everyone’s happiness. Maasa understands that Ashwin won’t listen to her, and gets content that she is getting related to Rajshri’s family somehow. Maasa and Bela stay happy for Vidhi’s sake. Rajshri informs them the marriage date. Ashwin gets ahead with preparations. Pushkar wants to mould Vidhi to make her perfect for him. He hides his weirdness from her, and appears perfect for her. Vidhi gets excited for her marriage, and dreams of Pushkar, being mistaken of his reality.


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