YRKKH: Rajshri to warn KaiRa about Goenkas’ denial

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: A big twist to reveal Goenkas' past

YRKKH: Rajshri to warn KaiRa about Goenkas’ denial.. Rajshri catches Kartik and Naira, and understands that they want to keep the fast. She learns their decision of uniting. They tell Rajshri that they will tell the truth to families. She asks them not to take any action in haste, even if they want to apologize to family. She helps them in hiding their fast from the families. She asks them to be careful of the tough path ahead. She asks Kartik to leave soon. Rajshri helps Naira and tells everyone that Naira can celebrate Teej with the family, even if she doesn’t have a partner. Everyone supports Naira and wants her to be part of celebrations. They don’t want Naira to cry at some corner. Lav and Kush get shagun for Kirti. Naira awaits Kartik. Devyaani asks Naira to have food, but Naira avoids them. Naira feels bad that Kirti is away from the family because of her divorce. Kirti tells Naira that she will do tika to Lav and Kush.

Lav calls Surekha and informs that he has given shagun to Kirti. Naksh is happy that Kartik understood his advice and didn’t come this time. Kirti faints on the stairs and gets hurt. Goenkas also learn about Kirti’s accidental fall and rush to Singhania house to see her. They meet Kirti and get a relief on finding her fine. Dadi worries on seeing Kirti crying. Kirti reveals about her pregnancy, which surprises everyone.

Everyone congratulates Naksh and Kirti. Rajshri tells them that since Kirti fell down, doctor was called home and they got this good news. The families agree to celebrate Teej happily together for Kirti’s happiness. Kirti tells the kids that elders want to keep their anger, without considering her happiness. She emotionally blackmails the families, and makes them come together to perform Teej rituals. The elders forget their bitter terms for a while and bring a smile on Kirti’s face. Kartik and Naira wish that the elders accept their decision as well.

They share a secret talk and congratulate each other. They decide to talk to the families about their relationship’s truth. Naira tells him that they should talk to Suwarna first. Suwarna feels uncomfortable to meet Naira and her family again. She wonders why is destiny playing games with her. She fears of losing Kartik to Naira again. Goenkas advise Kirti to take care well. Dadi wants to take Kirti home. Devyaani tells Dadi that it won’t be good to separate Naksh and Kirti, they want to celebrate this moment together. Dadi doesn’t want to argue, so that the day passes well.

She doesn’t want Kirti to get hurt. Rajshri warns Naira against breaking the truth. She asks Naira to be sure before doing anything. She promises to support Kartik and Naira. Naksh asks Kartik to help him in planning something special for Kirti. Kartik gets glad that Naksh is believing him again. Kartik and Naksh play dhol and surprise Kirti. Rajshri tries to talk to Dadi about Naira. She gets hint from Dadi on finding her annoyance. Suwarna tells Rajshri that Naira is nothing for them. She clears that she doesn’t want to have any relations with Naira.

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