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High Five Spoilers.. Bepannaah:
Aditya gets confirmed that Zoya loves him, since she feels bad when he gets insulted by Arshad. Zoya is affected by Aditya’s presence. She stays upset with him. She tells Aditya that she will marry Arshad. Aditya is sure that she won’t be able to marry Arshad. Arshad finds something happening between Zoya and Aditya. Wasim is happy that Aditya is befriending Arshad. He doesn’t want Aditya to ruin their happiness. Aditya behaves polite and tries to impress Wasim. He hopes to end Zoya’s annoyance. He wishes Zoya accepts his love.

Jija Ji Chath Par Hai:


Murari falls down. Everyone worries for Murari. Pancham tries to help Murari. Karuna gets crying that Murari has left them. Murari gets back to life when Pancham punches his tummy. Murari tells Pancham that he is suffering from acidity, not any heart attack. Murari and Karuna wonder who will look after Ilaychi if they die suddenly by a heart attack. Karuna asks him to find some way. Pancham and Ilaychi are worried because of Murari’s decision. Murari decides to adopt a son. The locality guys want to become Murari’s son to get his property. Murari doesn’t want to support anyone’s greed. He wants Pancham to become his adopted son. This worries Ilaychi, as she likes Pancham.

Harman gets flashes of his past and gets troubled. He sees Soumya and wonders what’s his connection with her. He gets into a fight with goons while saving Soumya. He gets flashes of the deadly attack on him and Soumya, plotted by Varun and Veeran. He gets back to Soumya and shares his troubling memories. Soumya wonders what’s bothering him. They stay together. Kinners take advantage of their fight and try to kidnap Soumya. Harman saves Soumya once again. Preeto wants to find Harman and Soumya. Harman will learn Veeran’s crime and expose him.

Ishq Mein Marjawa:
Deep makes a secret conspiracy. He doesn’t reveal anything to Tara. Tara gets dangerous and instigates Anjali against Deep. She wants to kill Anjali, as she doubts on Deep as well. She wonders if Deep is saving Anjali. She wants to know what is Deep planning and hiding from her. Aarohi is confused over Deep and Tara. She finds Virat at the place when she gets attacked. She wants to find out Deeps truth. She gets confused when Deep saves her. Tara and Aarohi’s fights continue. Deep is keeping things to himself and drawing the women mad. Tara doesn’t want to miss the chance of killing Anjali. Aarohi doesn’t want Tara to harm her parents.

Kaleerein: Suspicion twist to draw Meera-Vivaan away… Meera finally reaches Sunny and wants to punish him for mocking his death and trapping Vivaan. She wants to show him girls’ power. She gets evidence video that Sunny is alive. She rushes to the police station to tell inspector that Sunny is alive. She gives the evidence and asks him to free Vivaan. Inspector doesn’t find any valid evidence and scolds Meera for wasting their time. Meera fails to prove Sunny’s truth. Sunny takes a disguise and changes the pendrive to prove Meera a liar. Sunny wins once again. Vivaan gets worried for Meera more. He breaks the prison and rushes home to save Meera. Vivaan gets a note and keys. He learns that Sunny has taken Meera away.

Perfect Pati: Pushkar to verify Vidhi’s virtuous side… Pushkar visits Vidhi’s village to know about her further. He wants to be sure of her righteous character. He finds out that Vidhi has refused to marry Rangeela, and its just Rangeela who is troubling Vidhi. He gets sure that Vidhi is indeed a good-hearted and simple girl. Pushkar gets relieved with the alliance. Rajshri invites Vidhi and her family home to take the alliance ahead. Rajshri introduces his relatives, but Pushkar reveals their reality. He calms Rajshri and expresses how much he values clarity in speech. Pushkar takes Vidhi to show his house. Rajshri calls pandit home to get a marriage date.

Krishna Chali London:

Radhe tricks Krishna into believing that she has failed in the exams. He does this to stop her from going to London with Prashant. He doesn’t know what has Krishna decided, whether to stay back and keep the marriage, or start a new life to shape her career. Krishna wants to become a doctor, but drops her London dreams. Radhe gets worried of Prashant’s prediction. Krishna learns about Radhe’s little lie and gets too disappointed. He apologizes to her and assures that he will never repeat his mistake. She gives him a task and asks him to fulfill it if he wants to earn her apology. She begins to change Shukla family. She asks Radhe to plan a holida trip for Gajanan and Lali, since their anniversary is close. Radhe finds it hard to take permission from Shukla, but agrees to win Krishna’s apology. He worries since Prashant is in his captivity. He doesn’t want Krishna to learn about the result trick.

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