Silsila: Mauli to slap Kunal for his shameful affair


Silsila: Mauli to slap Kunal for his shameful affair… Mauli finally comes to terms with the truth. She gets a reality check of her breaking marriage. She witnesses Kunal and Nandini’s romance and gets a huge shock. Mauli’s world shatters. Mauli can’t believe that she has lost her husband to her best friend. She can’t believe if she is seeing the truth or is it any illusion. Mauli and Kunal’s relation shatters. Mauli breaks down seeing Kunal’s affair with Nandini. She has been answering everyone till now and defending Kunal. She isn’t able to accept this fact. She gets too hurt. Kunal and Nandini has been running an affair secretly, but their truth surfaces. Mauli has helped Nandini so much. She sees Nandini ruining her home. She loved Nandini more than her sister. Mauli’s love for Kunal gets ashamed. She wanted to support Nandini in all problems. She gets shocked that Nandini has created such a problem in her marital life.

Mauli gets cheated in friendship and love. She wonders where did she fail that Kunal and Nandini were not true to her. She loses Kunal forever. She cries in shock and runs away from there. Kunal and Nandini see Mauli crying and feel guilty. They feel shattered as well. They realize what their affair has done to Mauli. Mauli doesn’t want to see Kunal and Nandini. Kunal reaches her and tries to talk. She asks him to just go away. Nandini tries to talk to Mauli. Mauli doesn’t want to listen to anyone. Mauli’s sindoor gets washed out by rain. Kunal and Nandini feel ashamed. Their lives change completely. Mauli has learnt that Kunal and Nandini were cheating her since long time, and she was a big fool to not take anyone’s warning seriously. Mauli wants to take a strong step against their affair.

She gets in a state of shock and wants to understand where she failed to keep Kunal happy. Kunal doesn’t know how to calm down Mauli and explain himself. Kunal goes after Mauli and asks Nandini to go home. Nandini comes home and worries for Mauli’s trauma. Rajdeep meets Nandini and gives her a shock. He gets insulting Nandini and tells her that everyone knows about her affair now, she won’t get her happiness. He threatens Nandini and hurts her in a fit of rage. He shames her for cheating her best friend this way. Nandini tolerates Rajdeep’s tortures again. Rajdeep feels Mauli will punish Nandini for the deceive now. Nandini sheds tears of sorrow and regret. Kunal comes home and looks for Mauli. Kunal weeps over his deceive. Mauli slaps him with her silence. Mauli locks herself in the room and asks him not to clarify his glorious affair.


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