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Jiji Maa

Tonight on STAR… Jiji Maa
The family celebrates Jayant’s birthday to bring happiness in the house. Jayant wants to forget Uttara and makes all her memories away. Uttara doesn’t want her family to forget her this way. She learns about Vidhaan’s video surprise for Jayant. She takes Piyali’s help and gets the video DVD changed. Vidhaan surprises Jayant by the AV, where they see some good moments of their family. Jayant gets upset when he finds Uttara and his memories playing in front of his eyes. He gets angry and makes a leave. Uttara spoils their happiness. She wants to be in their lives, even if they have hatred in heart for her.

YHM: Sudha’s entry to cause havoc in Ishita-Raman’s lives… Rajat feels guilty over Raman and Ishita’s suffering. He doesn’t want to kill more people by performing wrong surgeries. He tells his assistant that he isn’t fit to perform surgery, he has done a mistake during Raman’s surgery and he is responsible for ruining Raman’s life. He feels miserable and doesn’t want to repeat his mistakes. Raman and Ishita file a legal case on Rajat and send the court notice to him. The assistant informs Sudha about the legal notice. He asks her to come soon and manage the matter. Raman tells Ishita that Rajat has wronged his entire life. He thanks her for being his support. He tells her that he can fight with the world when she is with him. They reach the hospital and wait to meet Rajat. The fire spreads out by faulty wires. The people create a havoc.

New twist in Ishqbaaz: Shivay escapes to avoid his arrest… Anika gets worried for Shivay, who loses himself somewhere by the bad accusations by Mohit. He fails to prove his truth to Mohit. Anika lends him support. Shivay asks her not to bear tortures because of him. He doesn’t want her to face any defamation because of the murder blame on him. He asks her to go away with Gauri to some other city and start a new life afresh. He doesn’t want Anika’s life to fall in trouble. He tells her that he didn’t regard her a wife, she shouldn’t be bounded to fulfill a wife’s duty. She refuses to leave him. She tells him that they are husband and wife, and she has been regarding him a husband since their marriage day. She wants to fulfill the vows towards him. She tells him that he won’t be punished as she has faith in him. She knows he is innocent, he can’t kill any person. He tells her that even he doesn’t trust himself after Nancy’s murder.

Krishna Chali London to highlight Radhe-Krishna’s romance.. Radhe and Krishna reach Mumbai, and also get Gajanan and Lali along. Krishna gets happy to see Gajanan and Lali together. She asks for her phone, but Radhe makes sure that she stays away from her phone. He doesn’t want Prashant to reach Krishna. Lali gets emotional seeing Krishna’s surprise and happily cries. Radhe tells them that Krishna has done everything. Krishna asks Lali to spend time with Gajanan. Prashant reaches Dubey’s house to tell Radhe’s truth. He learns that Dubey isn’t at home. He worriedly tries to reach him. Saajan and his friends look for Prashant to kidnap him once again. Radhe and Krishna spend some cute moments together. They have a city tour.

YRKKH – Suwarna to learn a super-shocking truth.. Akhilesh tells Surekha about the dream project, which is his life. He talks to Manish about it. Manish tells Akhilesh that they can give the project responsibility to Kartik and send him to US, so that he forgets Naira and moves on in life. He assures Akhilesh that Kartik will manage the project any how. Akhilesh gets a big shock by Manish’s decision. He suddenly gets a heart attack. Surekha gets worried for him and calls Manish to help them. The family rushes Akhilesh to the hospital. Devyaani tells Naira that she is taking Kirti to the hospital for check up. Kirti gets sad on finding Naira upset. Kartik learns about Akhilesh’s state and runs to the hospital to meet him. Akhilesh gets treated. He gets stable. The family gets happy knowing this.

Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala: Sikandar begins unraveling Tevar’s past… Sikandar promises Tevar that he will find the truth about Kulfi’s father and prove Tevar’s lie. Amyra gets into argument and hurts Kulfi’s heart. Kulfi doesn’t take any stress. She comes home and finds Tevar worried. She asks him to share his problems so that his heart can get light. He asks her not to have any relation with Sikandar and his family. She asks him why is he worried about Sikandar. She doesn’t want Tevar to get upset this way. She promises that nobody can make her away from him. Tevar gets happy. He doesn’t want Sikandar to make them distant. Sikandar rushes home and tells Lovely that Tevar isn’t Kulfi’s dad, he will find the truth and bring Kulfi home.

Papa By Chance:
Yuvaan finds the kids missing at home. On seeing the room messed up, he suspects that Harman has got them kidnapped. He files a kidnapping report to find the kids. Inspector starts investigation the kidnapping case and arrests Bela and Mohini for the crime. The ladies get much tortured in the lockup. They have no idea about the kids living in their house. Amrit calls Yuvaan to inform him that she has taken the kids to the hospital for aid. Yuvaan doesn’t listen to her. Amrit learns about her family bearing tortures because of Yuvaan’s kidnapping blames on them. She defends Bela and Mohini, and angrily slaps Yuvaan. He explains Amrit that he didn’t mean Bela and Mohini to get arrested, and was charging Harman for kidnapping. Amrit scolds Yuvaan and tells him that she is very well aware of the accident case and why he is raising the orphans, only to clean his image and get his dad’s property. Amrit reprimands him for being so selfish and irresponsible to put kids in danger.

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