TR’s Reminders: Dil Hi Toh Hai and more…

Surprise Spoilers Top 6 Tuesday Twists 25th June 2019

Dil Hi Toh Hai:
Rithvik cooks breakfast for Palak. She gets a big surprise. She didn’t expect him to prepare food for him. She gets too happy by his gesture. She tells him that he is going to find a new job. They have a romantic moment. Rohit comes to their house and gives them a good news. Palak is at peace as she has Rithvi’s love and support with her. She is sure to cross all the problems with a smile.

Savitri Devi:
Anand and Veer visit the hospital. Naintara hypnotizes Anand and commands him to kill Veer. Anand attacks Veer. Veer gets a huge shock when Anand tries to stab him. Veer defends the attacks. They both have a fight. Naintara wants to take revenge from Anand. She wants Anand to kill Veer, so that Anand gets punished for his crimes. Anand is possessed and doesn’t get stopped by anyone. Naintara creates hurdles for Sanchi and doesn’t let Sanchi find actual Veer and Anand. Sanchi falls in illusion and sees them everywhere in the hospital. Sanchi worries seeing them. She fails to do anything. She is helpless because of Naintara. Sanchi stops Anand and Veer from the fight. She takes help from a saint to put an end to Naintara’s evil.


Aapke Aa Jane Se:

Vedika tries to convince Ved to come with her, since she is his mum. She hugs him and cries. Ved refuses to go with him. He misses Sahil and Bhoomi. He tells her that she is bad, he just wants his dad. He tells Vedika that Bhoomi is his mum. Vedika sees Sahil looking for them and hides Ved. She knows she is doing wrong to take away Ved from Sahil. Sahil and Bhoomi reach Vedika and stop her. Badi Amma and Puneesh also reach them. Badi Amma points gun at Vedika. Sahil gets worried for Vedika’s life and runs to save Vedika. He stands in front of Vedika and asks Badi Amma not to dare shoot her. Sahil takes Ved from Vedika. He tells her that even if she is Ved’s mother, he is Ved’s father and loves him equally. Vedika realizes her mistake of snatching Ved from Sahil.

Shivay talks to his brothers regarding Nancy’s murder. He claims his innocence, but Mohit doesn’t believe him. Shivay tells Omkara that they have to find out the real culprit in order to prove his innocence. Omkara tells him that the murderer would be an outsider. They can’t ever doubt on Mohit’s conspiracy. Shivay assumes that someone has spiked their drinks, so that he doesn’t remember anything. Shivay tries to recollect having the drinks with Mohit. Rudra requests Bhavya to help his brother by catching the real murderer.


Mauli can’t get over Kunal’s cheat. She recollects Kunal and her beautiful bond. Mauli sees their pictures of happy times and sheds tears. She has trusted Kunal the most. She gets much pain. She feels Kunal never deserved her and their relation. Mauli decides to not forgive Kunal and Nandini. Kunal gets shelter at Nandini’s house. Nandini does the aid to his wounds and cares for him. Nandini knows he is sorrowful about cheating Mauli. She feels helpless. She doesn’t know how to make things fine. Kunal and Nandini become each other’s support. They bond gets more stronger by sharing sorrow. Mauli’s mother reacts on Kunal and Nandini’s relationship. She scolds Mauli for bringing Nandini home. She reminds Mauli how she has always warned Mauli against believing Nandini so much.

Tu Aashiqui: Ahaan looks forward to his marriage with Pankti. He soon wants to fulfill Ahankti’s union dreams. Pankti takes a disguise of gold digger. She turns into a dancer and performs Mujra once again, when Anita plans to sell her off once again. Pankti plays along Anita’s drama to break Ahaan’s heart. Finding Pankti getting auctioned by her own will, Ahaan gets shattered. He asks Pankti to realize how she is killing her love. Pankti tells him that she can’t be with him, since he has lost everything. She insults Ahaan for being a loser.

Harman gets the Ganpati and makes prayers. Soumya and Harman celebrate Ganpati festival in the hospital. There will be dance performances in the celebrations. The twist comes when some kinners attack Soumya, and Harman gets injured. Soumya rushes to save Harman.


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