Silsila: Mauli’s insecurities and sorrow gets high

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka: Mauli's drunken drama amidst birthday bash

Silsila: Mauli’s insecurities and sorrow gets high.. Mauli feels insecure. She has many things going on in her mind. She feels losing her sanity because of Kunal’s big cheat. Mauli wants to avoid Kunal, who doesn’t deserve her love and has ashamed their marriage. Dida and Yamini pacify Mauli over her broken marriage. Kunal tries to talk to Mauli once. He gets Nandini’s call and talks to her. Mauli gets upset when she hears him talking to Nandini. Mauli knows he can never explain his wrong emotions. Mauli runs away from Kunal, since she feels hurt by his sight, recollecting his cheat. She ends up hurting herself. Kunal worries seeing Mauli’s pain. He doesn’t want Mauli to live in pain.

Mauli runs over shattered glass pieces. Yamini sees the blood marks and worries for Mauli’s wounded feet. She rushes to help Mauli. Mauli packs her bags and tells Yamini that she can’t live under the same roof with Kunal. Yamini hugs Mauli and consoles her.

Dida gets heartbroken seeing the happenings. She asks Kunal why are they doing this, the house will break if Kunal and Mauli’s relation breaks. She asks Kunal to save their family. Yamini also hoped that Kunal and Mauli’s relation will get fine. Mauli loses courage and hopes on her marriage.

Yamini blames Kunal for ending their house’s purity by his shameful act. Yamini tells Dida that Kunal has hurt all of them and he will leave, Mauli won’t go anywhere. Kunal packs his bags and returns the clinic keys to Mauli. He meets his family for the last time and decides to leave the house. Dida gets emotional and cries for him. Kunal’s departure breaks down Mauli. Yamini doesn’t let Mauli go anywhere. Kunal and Mauli’s relation breaks. On the other hand, Rajdeep insults Nandini. He tells her that she has got a shameless woman tag on her because of her illegitimate relation with Kunal. Nandini tells him that he may tell her anything, but her relation with Kunal wasn’t in her hands, fate brought her to Kunal, she doesn’t care if anyone calls her shameless. Nandini and Kunal share each other’s pain and sorrow. Will Mauli forgive Kunal and Nandini? Keep reading.


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