Yeh Rishta: KaiRa to execute their secret wedding plan

Yeh Rishta: KaiRa to execute their secret wedding plan

Yeh Rishta: KaiRa to execute their secret wedding plan… Kartik and Naira meet and share their happiness over Suwarna’s approval. He tells her that Suwarna has understood that Naira is her happiness. She tells him that maybe she misunderstood Suwarna, they should have tried to talk to her before. He asks her to give some time to Suwarna and not expect much. Naira gets happy and more hopeful. He tells her that they will marry tomorrow so that they can convince the families. He asks her if she is sure about their marriage, they can accept elders’ scolding. She says we have to convince someone, Rajshri can help. He doesn’t want to stress Kirti and Rajshri. He tells her that he will share their plan with Suwarna. She agrees to marry him. They have a happy moment and look forward to unite. He asks her to reach the temple on time. Rajshri realizes her mistake that she has hidden KaiRa’s relation from Naitik and family.

She apologizes to Devyaani and Naitik. She wants Naitik to take time and clear his heart. Naitik wants to know the reasons for hiding the matter. Devyaani asks Naitik to forgive Rajshri. Kartik and Naira secretly plan their marriage. They hide everything from family. Manish meets Kartik and gives his flight tickets. He asks Kartik to go to US and handle the new project, which is much close to Akhilesh’s heart. Kartik silently accepts his command. Manish doubts on Kartik. Kartik feels sorry to lie to him. He expects Manish to understand his decision. He wants to become the best son, but after becoming the best husband. Naira feels sorry to lie to Naitik. She gets hopeful that everything will get fine with time. Meanwhile, Suwarna regrets for whatever happened.

She doesn’t want anyone to blame her again. Naitik and Naksh talk for Kirti’s work stress. Kirti wants to finish all the pending tasks, and focus on her coming child. Kartik and Naira share the marriage mahurat. They have a long video call. Kartik tells her that he is prepared to get beaten him by her family. They slip in each other’s dreams and romance. They wish the night ends soon. They wake up in the morning and get excited for their remarriage. They feel lucky to have each other in their lives again.

They get ready to reach the temple and marry. They hide from everyone. Kartik and Naira get emotional and happy. They take their families’ blessings without revealing their next moves. Kartik tells Manish that he is making a new start of his life. Naira lies that she is going to college. Everyone wishes her best of luck for her life’s new start. Kartik and Naira get dreams in eyes and leave from homes to reach temple for marriage. However, Naira’s absence worries Kartik.

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