TR’s Reminders: Ishqbaaz and more…

    Surprise Spoilers Top 6 Tuesday Twists 25th June 2019

    Shivay gets chased by police. He manages to trick Bhavya by putting his phone in the moving car. Bhavya loses track of Shivay. Shivay tries to reach Anika and get her help in solving the murder mystery. He gets clues that he isn’t the person who is killing Nancy in the video, though the person appears to be dressed like him. Mohit calls the media home to worsen the situation. He wants Shivay to get caught soon. He announces a reward for those who find Shivay and get him to police. Mohit tells the family that he will not spare Shivay and get him punished at any cost. Omkara and Rudra tell the media that Shivay is framed, he is totally innocent. Mohit disagrees with them and gets revengeful.

    Krishna Chali London:
    Krishna falls in trouble when the thug finds her whereabouts and follows her. He tries to get the drugs packet from Krishna. He catches Krishna and gets her at the point of the knife. Krishna gets scared of his threatening. She tries to seek Radhe’s help and get saved.

    Tu Aashiqui:
    Ahaan gets depressed when Pankti insults him and his love. Ahaan returns home with a broken heart and gets raging on Pankti’s big deceive. Ahaan tells Aparna that Pankti won’t come in the puja, she isn’t interested in marrying him. He reveals how Pankti has insulted him and auctioned herself, in order to become a mistress. Aparna asks him why is he saying so, what happened that he is saying so. Ahaan tells her that Pankti can’t become anyone’s wife or family, since she is destined to be a mistress, and this time its her own choice. The family gets a big shock on knowing the saddening news. Ahaan tells them that his love story is over now. Pankti and Rangoli’s battle for Ahaan continues.

    Roop impresses Ishika. She gets upset with him and gets a wrong image in her mind. She scolds Roop for stooping so low. She throws away the roses which he gives her with his nice thoughts. She tells him that she finds him equal to some goon. She doesn’t see any hero in Roop, like she finds in Ranvir. Ranvir gets succeeding in breaking them up.

    Jiji Maa:
    Ganpati idol gets missing. Piyali gets the idol back and tries to make her positive image. She is happy that Niyati has accepted her as sister. She returns Falguni her little happiness. She is sure that Falguni can’t defeat her. Uttara has other plans in mind to get Falguni killed.

    Soumya and Harman entertain everyone by their rocking performances. Harman gets stabbed, shockingly on the stage. He falls unconscious in no time. This becomes a moment of tension for everyone around. Soumya feels connected by heart to Harman for the first time. She worriedly prays for his life.

    Muskaan comes in Ronak’s way and opposes his mass bunking. She tells him that she has come from too far and wants to study seriously. Ronak asks her if she wants to attend classes. He asks her to name the subjects she is interested in studying. She names all the subjects. Ronak arranges all the college professors for Muskaan and asks them to teach Muskaan till she gets fed up. He instructs them not to leave Muskaan till the day ends. Muskaan gets an urgent call from Tabassum and thinks to leave classes and go home, but she gets stuck by Ronak’s adamancy. He tells her that when she demanded studies, he won’t allow her to leave till she finishes all classes. Muskaan knows where she belongs, and tries to leave without getting in Ronak’s sight.

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