YRKKH: Huge drama, revelations and confrontations

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: A panicking moment for KaiRa

YRKKH: Huge drama, revelations and confrontations… Kartik reaches Suwarna and tells her that he has decided to marry Naira. She gives him a sindoor box as her blessing. She asks him to go and get his happiness. He asks her to come along, as he didn’t tell this to anyone. He doesn’t want to get upset. She tells him that she isn’t upset as she wants his happiness. Kartik thanks her for all the support. He tells her that he will convince everyone, since she is at his side. He asks her to be ready to welcome Naira home. Kartik and Naira try to reach the temple soon, so that they get into a bond of lifetime again. They get dressed as groom and bride. Suwarna is ready to leave from Kartik’s life. She can’t forgive Naira from heart, but accepts her just for Kartik’s sake.

She feels Kartik doesn’t love her and she isn’t needed in his life anymore. She wants to leave Goenka house before Naira makes an entry. Kartik wishes he gets Naira as his life partner in every birth. He gets the pandit on time. He waits for Naira. Naira reaches the temple and changes her mind. She goes to the hospital for checkup. Kartik misses to see Naira. Naira gets upset. Pandit asks Kartik to call the bride soon.

Kartik wonders where did Naira go. She visits the hospital. Kartik worries when she doesn’t answer his call. Suwarna vents out anger on Surekha. She tells Surekha that she has lost everything in life, even her son Kartik. Surekha doesn’t bother her, seeing her get a panic attack. Dadi wants to explain Kartik about Suwarna’s pain. Dadi wishes that Kartik stays away from Naira.

She doesn’t want any problem for both the families. Kartik self consoles himself and waits for Naira. He panics when Naira doesn’t come. Manish asks Akhilesh to prepare things for Kartik. Akhilesh gets upset that he has lost his dream project. Kartik prays that his love doesn’t get tested this time.

He wants his love to win over his fears. He fears for Naira’s life. He runs to see if she is fine. Rajshri wonders what’s Naira planning, that she took Akshara’s saree along. She wishes that Naira doesn’t take any wrong step, that hurts the family. Kartik’s hopes break. Suwarna tells Manish that she is leaving the house. Manish asks her to visit temple later. She clears that she wants to get away from the family, she isn’t happy and doesn’t want anyone to stay sorrowful because of her.

Manish asks her the matter. Kartik searches for Naira everywhere. Naksh worries when Naira doesn’t come home on time. He doubts if she is with Kartik. Naira comes home and ends their tension. Kartik reaches her house and calls her up. He finds Naira with the family, and receives a big shock by her sudden change in decision.

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