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Tonight On Star… Ishqbaaz: Shivay brings a big surprise for Oberois… Shivay fails to find the clues, since he enters the hotel room, but gets hit on his head. He gets close to know about Nancy, who is alive and helped Mohit frame Shivay. Shivay falls unconscious. Bhavya reaches the place and catches him. Shivay gets arrested. Tej doesn’t want to suffer because of Shivay’s defaming act. Tej wants to handle the big deal. He tells the family that though Shivay has worked hard for the deal, he got the family defamed and the clients aren’t interested in working with him again. Tej tells them that the family and company will suffer if they stay related to Shivay. He asks them to help him cover the losses. Omkara and Rudra find him very selfish to not think for Shivay.

YRKKH: REVEALED!! Suwarna and Naira team up for unusual motive… Naira realizes that Kartik will confront her for her decision. Still, she acts unconcerned towards him. He gets a big shock when he finds her ignoring him. Manish wants to know where did Kartik go. He gets worried. Dadi also feels restless and worried for Kartik. Suwarna tells them that something is going to happen. Dadi learns that Kartik was going to marry Naira. She gets a big shock with this news. Kartik confronts Naira for not coming to the temple and not informing him. He asks her why didn’t she come. Singhanias want to know the matter. He tells Naira that she has to answer him. She tells him that their decision to marry without informing the families was wrong. Her family can’t believe their planning. Naira tells them that she didn’t tell them, since she realized her mistake. She tells him that she felt that he will understand on his own.

YHM: Court verdict to bring major shocks… Raman and Ishita tell Bhallas that they will battle for justice. Mani tells them that they will have the case on fast track and also get verdict on their side. Ishita tells that they have no witness and evidence. Raman asks them to hide about their witness, the therapist, who will testify against Rajat in the court. They know that Sudha will not give up so easily and fight hard. Sudha asks her lawyers to prepare Rajat for the cross questioning in the court. Ishita tells them that Rajat may agree to them if they make him feel guilty for his crimes. Raman is sure that Sudha won’t let Rajat ruin the hospital image. Sudha gets angered seeing Rajat drunk in such a situation. She asks Rajat to know her position and her dreams. She doesn’t want to suffer because of his alcohol addiction. Rajat apologizes to her. She reminds him his duties.

Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala:

Amyra’s words shatter Kullfi. Amyra makes her realize that her mother is no more, and she can never win over her. Kulfi misses Nimrat and cries out. Tevar finds her upset and wants to know what happened. Kulfi tells him that Amyra is right about her. She says I can never win in the competition, since I don’t have my mother with me. Tevar gets sad. He tells Kulfi that he will get her mother back. Kulfi says you can’t do anything, my mother is gone too far. He tells her that he can do any miracle, he will get her mother in front of her. He instils confidence in her. He tells her that he can do anything to make her win the competition. She asks if he can really bring her mother back. He tells her that he will do magic and get her mother. Lovely gets relieved to know that Sikandar didn’t learn anything more.

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