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Tonight On Star Plus… Mariam Khan – Reporting LIVE: Mariam and Jibraan light a chinese candle and leave it into the sky, along with their prayers. They wish to meet again. Mariam looks forward to meet Majaaz. She doesn’t know how Majaaz is struggling to reach her. Mariam falls in new problem. Though she has saved Farhaan from Aayat’s anger, Hamdam targets Mariam and Jibraan again. Hamdam conspires to kill Jibraan, so that Farhaan becomes the only heir of the family. Hamdam poisons the medicines and wants Jibraan to die by consuming it. Sadly, Jibraan takes the poisoned medicines and falls ill. Mariam finds him in a critical state and rushes to tell Aayat. Aayat worries for Jibraan’s life. Doctor informs Aayat about Jibraan’s kidney failure. He asks her to arrange a kidney donor soon, as the transplant is immediately needed. Aayat counts on Mariam once again. She doesn’t know that Majaaz is on the way and would reach soon. Mariam fears another operation, but wants to help Jibraan.

Jiji Maa:
Piyali and Uttara think that Niyati will not come downstairs to do the aarti with Falguni. They are sure that the slap will make the sisters distant. Niyati sheds tears and realizes her mistake. She thinks Falguni hasn’t given her such bad values that she hurts someone’s heart by her bitter words. She feels she should have controlled her anger. Uttara tells Piyali that Niyati might change her mind and come for the aarti. She says Niyati can’t be annoyed with Falguni for long, their bond is very strong. Piyali doesn’t think Niyati will forgive Falguni. Falguni waits for Niyati and starts the aarti alone. Niyati finds Falguni’s hand hurt and realizes Falguni has punished herself for slapping her. She rushes to Falguni and does the aarti with her. The sisters get together again, upsetting Piyali.

Papa By Chance:
Yuvaan gets fed up of fighting with Amrit. He asks her to calm her anger for once and think of the innocent kids, who has no roof over head. He reminds Amrit their childhood days, fights and friendship. He knows that Amrit is much hurt by her dad’s demise and wants her to move on. He realizes that she still cares for her, and loves her friend. He tells her that he can see her love hidden behind anger. He jokes that he is better than her boyfriend Rohan. Amrit conceals her feelings for Yuvaan. She doesn’t trust Yuvaan and his family anymore.

YRKKH: Naira’s shocking revelation to stun Suwarna… Rajshri consoles Naira and asks her about the reason for her drastic move. Naira tells her that she doesn’t want to talk to anyone and wants to sleep. She tells Rajshri that she doesn’t want to take any wrong step in haste. Naira messages Suwarna and requests her to call her once, so that she can give her reasoning for rejecting Kartik. She asks Suwarna to call her for Kartik’s happiness sake. Suwarna calls her to know the important reason. Naira asks her to help her make Kartik away. She tells Suwarna that she wants to leave from Kartik’s heart as well. She wants to do this with Suwarna, so that they succeed. She knows Suwarna loves Kartik a lot. She doesn’t want to hurt anyone. She asks Suwarna to meet her at the temple.

Ishqbaaz: Shivay’s Majnu Awara act turns surprising… Shivay takes a disguise of Majnu Singh Awara and enters the house to place the Ganpati idol. He tells the family that he has got their happiness back in the form of Ganpati. He asks them to accept the idol and celebrate the festive. He has taken the new identity just to remain safe from the real culprit and police. Tej asks him why did he come home without any invitation. Shivay entertains them with their talk. Anika gets doubtful about him. He tells them that he wants to live with them. Omkara tells him that they don’t know him and can’t keep him at home. Shivay tells them that he is Shivay’s friend, and has come with a relieving news about him. He asks them not to worry about Shivay. Tej asks him where is Shivay. Shivay tells them that Shivay has sent him with Ganpati idol so that their problems end.

YHM: Sudha decides ‘not-to-spare’ Raman and Ishita… Raman and Ishita celebrate their victory. They had to teach a lesson to Sudha and Rajat, so that they value human lives. Sudha gets angered on watching Ishita’s interview. Ishita is happy to get justice. She thinks she has saved more lives by revoking Rajat’s medical licence. Sudha scolds the lawyers for losing the case. The lawyer tells her that its tough for them to fight for Rajat again. He suggests her to fire Rajat from work. Sudha can’t hear a word against Rajat. She gets emotional about him. She doesn’t want Rajat to suffer more. Media raids the hospital. Lawyer asks Sudha to clear the matter by a well defined answer. Sudha answers the media and tells them that Rajat won’t be working in her hospital now. She apologizes to everyone on behalf of Rajat.

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Tevar’s break-up; Sikandar’s search and more….. Tevar tells Kulfi that they will win the competition. He is ready to do anything for her happiness. He proves his love to Sikandar. Sikandar feels that Tevar is fooling Kulfi. He wants to find the truth as soon as possible so that Kulfi’s heart doesn’t break. Kulfi and Tevar win the competition and rejoice on their victory. Sikandar attempts to reach the workshop and know about Tevar. He texts Mohendar about his findings. Mohendar shows his belief in Sikandar and encourages him to find the truth. Tevar tells Kulfi that he has another surprise for her. He gets a cow for Kulfi. She gets too happy seeing her village cow Billo back. She likes Tevar’s surprise. She tells him that he is really a magician for her. She shares more about her past life with Tevar. Kulfi sings and dances with him.

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