YHM: Sudha decides ‘not-to-spare’ Raman and Ishita

YHM: Sudha's plan raises the drama higher

YHM: Sudha decides ‘not-to-spare’ Raman and Ishita… Raman and Ishita celebrate their victory. They had to teach a lesson to Sudha and Rajat, so that they value human lives. Sudha gets angered on watching Ishita’s interview. Ishita is happy to get justice. She thinks she has saved more lives by revoking Rajat’s medical licence. Sudha scolds the lawyers for losing the case. The lawyer tells her that its tough for them to fight for Rajat again. He suggests her to fire Rajat from work. Sudha can’t hear a word against Rajat. She gets emotional about him. She doesn’t want Rajat to suffer more. Media raids the hospital. Lawyer asks Sudha to clear the matter by a well defined answer. Sudha answers the media and tells them that Rajat won’t be working in her hospital now. She apologizes to everyone on behalf of Rajat.

Raman and Ishita get happy and celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi with everyone. Rajat spends time with his family. He feels guilty about ruining Raman’s life. He takes a big step and shoots himself. When Sudha reaches home, she learns about Rajat’s suicide. She shatters with his suicide. Sudha rushes Rajat to the hospital and asks doctors to save her brother at any cost. Sudha learns that Rajat has survived, but he is still battling for life. She wishes that he overcomes the problems. She loves Rajat as her child.

She makes prayers for Rajat. She gets the shocking news that Rajat is no more. Rajat’s death shatters Sudha and entire family. Sudha can’t accept his death. She denies her sight. She asks the doctors to save him. She begs Rajat to get up. She holds Ishita and Raman responsible for Rajat’s death. She feels they have won and punished Rajat on the name of justice for them. She pledges to take revenge on Raman and Ishita. Rajat’s suicide news reaches Bhallas.

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