Saam Daam Dand Bhed: Mandira gets alert about fraud Daai

Saam Daam Dand Bhed: Mandira gets alert about fraud Daai

Mandira doubts on the fake Daai. Daai wants to fulfill the motive and harm Mandira’s child. Bulbul signals Mandira about Daai harming her. Mandira understands the truth and tries to protect her child. She confronts the Daai for her lies. She asks the Daai to tell the truth, who is she and why had she come. Daai tells her that she is Bulbul’s relative. Mandira says you are lying, I have spoken to Bulbul’s dad and he doesn’t know you, I m Mandira, not Bulbul to come in your words. Daai acts good and gives her some medicines for good health. Mandira shouts on her. She refuses to have medicines.

Bulbul gets blackmailed. She asks Mandira not to get after Daai and stop creating the drama. She turns bitter towards Mandira. Mandira asks Bulbul not to show anger and change topic. She warns Bulbul against planning anything against her.

Daai gives the wrong medicines to Bulbul and asks her to feed the medicines to Mandira some how. Bulbul gets worried. Mandira gets angry that Bulbul scolded her. She finds Bulbul and Daai behaving weird. She wants to know the truth. She is aware of the fact that Bulbul can’t harm anyone. Bulbul doesn’t give the wrong medicines to Mandira. She replaces the medicines in time and saves Mandira. She tries to alert Mandira about the danger around her.

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