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Tonight On Star Plus… Ishqbaaz: Shivika get united once again… Shivay tries hard to hide his identity. Anika finds him in her room, but he covers up by making excuse. He finds her in danger, when the diya burns her saree. She gets shocked by his gesture. She senses Shivay by his touch. She sees his extreme worry evident on his face. He blows off the fire by his hand. He tells her that he has just helped her seeing the fire. She calls him Shivay. He tells her that he isn’t Shivay. She tells him that even if he lies to her, she knows Shivay’s touch, her heart is witnessed this that he is Shivay. He tells her that she is mistaken about him, since she thinks about Shivay all day long. She asks him to stop lying, she knows Shivay well. She tells him that she isn’t joking. She makes him swear to admit the truth. He admits that he is Shivay. Anika hugs him. She asks him if he is fine. She tells him how worried she was for him. He tells her that he has seen her worry, everything is evident to her.

YHM: Raman gets strong-willed for Ruhi’s sake… Sudha lands up at Bhalla house to ruin their reputation and happiness. She tells the marriage consultant about Ruhi’s past. She tarnishes Ruhi’s image. She also reminds Ruhi her painful childhood. She tells Monica that Ruhi lived in trauma and isn’t mentally stable. She also ruins Ishita and Raman’s image. She tells Monica about the crimes done by Ishita and her family. Raman asks Sudha not to say anything about Ruhi. Sudha asks them to expose Ruhi and family’s dark secrets in front of the family. She asks them not to cheat the family by lying. She asks Monica to tell the groom’s family about Ishita and Raman’s crime records. She wants to hurt Ishita and Raman’s sentiments by insulting the family. Monica tells Ishita that she can’t find the alliance for Ruhi.

Suwarna and Kartik return home late, which makes the family worry for them. Suwarna tells the entire matter to the family, which leaves them shocked. Manish asks Kartik if he is sure about his remarriage. Suwarna tells them that they have thought well and decided to go ahead with the plan. Naitik and Naksh try to get the best treatment for Naira. They pacify Naira and tell her that she will get fine soon. Naira feels lucky to have such a supportive family. She misses Kartik and imagines him offering support in her life’s tough phase. Kartik asks her not to make him away in such a time when she needs him. She doesn’t want Kartik to get sorrow in his life. She asks Naitik not to tell anything to Kartik. Rajshri asks Naira to let Kartik know, since its Kartik’s right. Naira tells them that Kartik isn’t her family now.

Mariam Khan – Reporting LIVE: Majaaz to finally meet Mariam… Majaaz calls Aayat and informs her that he has arrived. He asks her for the address. She avoids him. He learns about the threat, since police is looking for him, assuming him to be some traitor. Aijaz tells Madiha that he will meet a lawyer. Omkar comes home and tells them that Majaaz has crossed the border. He apologizes to them that he left Majaaz alone. The family thanks him for all the help. Omkar doesn’t want Majaaz’s trust to break. Omkar soon gets arrested. Mariam learns Farhaan’s evil ploy after overhearing his conversation. She doesn’t want Farhaan to trap Majaaz. She runs away from Farhaan’s clutches to alert Majaaz about Farhaan’s ploy. Majaaz tries to save himself from police.

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala:

Sikandar gets happy that he will be singing with Kulfi. Amyra and Kulfi hug him. Tevar cries that Kulfi didn’t think of him once. Kulfi finds Tevar upset and realizes his efforts. She thinks she has hurt his heart. Tevar permits Kulfi to sing as she would get happiness. He loves Kulfi a lot. Kulfi wants to return love to Tevar. She learns from Sikandar and Amyra’s bond. She thinks its time that she calls Tevar her dad. Sikandar asks Kulfi to come along and sing with him. Kulfi tells him that she won’t sing with him, she wants to sing with her father Tevar. Sikandar gets surprised by her decision. Sikandar supports Kulfi and encourages her. She apologizes to Sikandar for disrespecting him this way. He asks her not to feel guilty, as she isn’t wrong. Kulfi runs to Tevar and takes him for the singing performance.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2: With a detailed introduction of Anurag and Prerna’s families, the tale of the lovers begin. Prerna just wants to follow her heart, not the time. Her cute doings make everyone smile. Her dad doesn’t feel she is any burden. She gets much pampered by her parents. Prerna does all the work and doesn’t let anyone know about her efforts. Anurag’s parents also share a moment. Anurag stays busy in his work. He doesn’t like to waste time in parties. Mohini asks him to give time to himself. Anurag wants to make his own name, and not depend on his dad’s help. Anurag goes for the football practice in the college. The girls get mad about Anurag. Prerna doesn’t want to see him, since she knows him already. The girls like Anurag. Prerna doesn’t show any interest in him. Anurag meets Prerna.


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