Saam Daam Dand Bhed to have a happy ending

Saam Daam Dand Bhed: Vijay and Bulbul's new sorrow

Vijay’s dead body comes home. The family cries for him. Everyone mourns on his death. Bulbul and Mandira can’t belief that he is dead. They shed tears. The family does a drama to fool Mandira’s dad. They are with Vijay in his plan. They finally expose the wrong doers, and get justice for Vijay. Later in the track, Mandira and Bulbul deliver their child. Mandira faces complications during her delivery. She risks her life to give birth to a baby boy. Bulbul feels indebted to Mandira. She worries for Mandira. She calls the doctor to check Mandira. Doctor tells Bulbul that Mandira doesn’t have have time, she is sinking. Anant meets Mandira and forgives her for everything. He confesses love to Mandira. He asks her to get fine and return to him, to give another chance to their relation.

Mandira gets recovered after the complications. She hands over Bulbul’s child to Vijay. Vijay and his family forget their bitterness towards Mandira and make a new start. Mandira turns positive and realizes Vijay and Bulbul’s true love. She accepts Anant’s love. Mandira gets married to Anant again. Vijay and Anant turn into good friends again. Vijay hugs Anant and apologizes to him. Bulbul and Mandira also sort their differences. Everyone celebrates happiness. Vijay gets happy to unite with his family, and get his good friends back. Mandira cracks a joke and asks all of them to always remember her. Mandira finally finds her true love in Anant.


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