Savitri Devi to mark its closure this week

Savitri Devi to mark its closure this week

Savitri Devi to mark its closure this week… Veer and Sanchi get attacked by Naintara. They lose out once again. Naintara tries to hurt the family. Veer and Sanchi come home with the spiritual flower. They look for the family. They see Naintara and ask her what did she do with their family. Kabir gets possessed by Naintara. He attacks Veer to injure him. Veer stops Kabir and tries to get him to senses. Sanchi uses the flower against Naintara. Sanchi stops Kabir from beating Veer. Naintara cages the family. She makes the family create hurdles for Sanchi and Veer. She says if I can’t do anything, your family can take your life.

Sanchi faces many problems while saving Veer. Sanchi prays for Veer’s life. Naintara challenges Sanchi to do anything to save her husband. Veer and Sanchi put the flower extract on the diya as per the tantric’s instructions. Naintara tries to blow off the diya. Sanchi protects the diya by winds. Sanchi solves the puzzle given by Tantric and manages to cage Naintara to save the family again. Naintara gets trapped forever. Anand and his family get a big relief. Veer and Sanchi succeed to save the family from evil spirit. They have a happy union with Malhotra family.

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