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Tonight On Star Plus… Ishqbaaz: Nancy to disclose bigger secrets.. Omkara and Rudra promise to support Shivay. Anika tells them that she knew about him, but Shivay didn’t let her tell them. Shivay doesn’t feel bad of Tej’s move. He believes that Tej is doing everything for company’s betterment. He tells them that though he has got the clues, he needs Mohit’s help to find the murderer. Mohit meets the lawyer and wants his wife’s property at the earliest. Mohit gets interested in getting the property, and shows his true face. Shivay overhears him and wants to know more about Mohit’s wife. He follows Mohit in an attempt to find the truth. Shivay gets stuck in the procession, while Mohit escapes in time. Shivay makes a hearty prayer that he finds the truth somehow. Shivay’s prayers get answers, as he comes face to face with Nancy. He gets a big shock on finding her alive. Nancy doesn’t recognize him, since he is in Majnu’s disguise.

YHM: Sudha to break Bhallas’ unity and harmony…. Aaliya gains the business deal based on merit. She thanks the client for agreeing to work with them. Rohan apologizes to them and tells them that he has done the drama to get the client’s attention. Aaliya apologizes on Rohan’s behalf. She thanks Rohan for helping her in the deal. She informs the family that she has got the deal for Romi. Raman tells Romi that Aaliya has managed to get the deal. Romi feels sorry to shout on Aaliya. Rohan drops Aaliya home. Rohan gets mistaken about Aaliya living with her in-laws. He likes Aaliya and thinks she is unmarried. Aaliya tells everyone about her new friend Rohan, who helped her a lot. Raman finds Rohan a nice guy. He tells Ishita that Sudha is venting out enmity and hurting Ruhi. He doesn’t think Ruhi deserves this. He asks her to solve the misunderstanding with Monica. Rohan and Aaliya’s friendship grows. Ruhi gets happy to know that there is a guy in Aaliya’s life. She pulls Aaliya’s leg. Aaliya tells Ruhi that she isn’t planning anything such.

Goenkas ask Suwarna to stop the marriage and not take any decision in emotional state. Kartik decides in a haste and tells them that the marriage won’t stop. He wants Naira to come in the marriage at any cost. He wants to test Naira’s love. He knows Naira can just give him a lecture on moving on, but she can’t move on without him. Kartik and Naira miss each other, and realize that their big day has finally arrived. She wants to head to Singapore, after attending his marriage. Naira feels sorry for herself that she is forgetting things. The family tries to be normal with her. Naira tells them that she wants to attend Kartik’s marriage. They ask her not to take any stress and think for herself. They don’t want her to think about Kartik again. Naitik tells Naira that he is just concerned for her, he doesn’t want to think about Kartik. He asks Naira not to decide anything in haste.

Mariam Khan – Reporting LIVE: Majaaz to undergo big difficulties… Aayat gets police along to trap Majaaz. She gets Mariam with her. Majaaz leaves from the place to get saved. Aayat gets happy that she managed to kidnap Mariam again. She asks Mariam to donate the kidney to save Jibraan. She scolds Mariam and reminds the tortures. She asks doctor to faint Mariam and stop her shout. A lady helps Aayat and makes Mariam quiet. Aayat knows that Majaaz will be finding them. Majaaz goes home to ask about Aayat and Mariam. He loses his patience. He demands Hamdam and Junaid to tell them about Mariam. They reveal about Aayat’s selfish motives to get Mariam. They warn Majaaz against Aayat’s evil intentions. Majaaz shatters knowing Aayat’s truth. He cries knowing Mariam’s painful stay.

Krishna Chali London: Krishna revives Radhe to life… Krishna pleads to Lord to save Radhe’s life. Doctor finds Radhe sinking and goes to inform the family. Radhe loses his life. Krishna turns into Savitri to save her husband. She prays for Radhe. She realizes her love for Radhe, when she fears that he will get away from her forever. She feels she can’t live without Radhe, since she loves him. Doctor tells Gajanan that they couldn’t save Radhe. Gajanan and Lali get a big shock knowing Radhe is dead. Gajanan can’t accept that Radhe has left him. He asks doctor to save Radhe some how. He doesn’t know what to answer the family about Radhe’s loss. Doctor understands his pain. He asks Gajanan to be strong and accept the truth. Lali consoles Gajanan. Krishna shares her tensions with pandit, and gets guidance. She wants to fight for Radhe’s life.

Lovely gives Sikandar an ultimatum in Kulfi Kumar Bajewala.. Sikandar cries over Amyra’s words. Lovely advises him to give time to Amyra, so that she feels important. She asks him why is Kulfi important to him than family. She doesn’t want to argue with him. She asks him to think about his life’s priorities. She wants him to look after Amyra. Amyra and Kulfi secretly meet so that they can plan and win the competition. They both prepare for the races. Amyra wants to win. Kulfi wants to help Amyra and bond with her. They sing and dance. They have fun like never before. Amyra also enjoys her company. Sattu misses Kulfi. He tells Nihali that he has gone to Mumbai to have darshan of Bappa. Nihali worries knowing this. Sattu wishes Kulfi stays happy. Sikandar calls on the phone number again and again. He hopes that someone answers. Kulfi and Amyra participate in the race.

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