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Tonight On Star… Papa By Chance:
Yuvaan looks for a job to manage the family expenses. He has to manage the kids as they are his responsibility now. He gets a job in the gym. He wants to rock as a gym trainer. He wants to work hard for his dad’s sake. He meets his friends in the gym and gives them tips. Harman meets Yuvaan in the gym and starts troubling him. Harman’s bad sight catches Yuvaan. He asks Yuvaan to massage his shoulders. He makes Yuvaan clean the floor. He gets insulting Yuvaan as a servant. He taunts Yuvaan on his dad, who was also useless like him. Yuvaan loses his cool and beats up Harman. Sucharita finds them fighting. Harman gets into his decent act once again and puts all the blame on Yuvaan. The guards oust Yuvaan from the gym. Yuvaan loses the job. Harman makes sure that Yuvaan suffers in his life and doesn’t get help from anyone.

Ishqbaaz: Shocking revelations and big twists ahead… Shivay meets Bhavya as Majnu Awara and misleads her. Bhavya doesn’t ask him anything. She doesn’t suspect him. Anika gets happy that Shivay got saved. He goes to talk to Mohit. He doesn’t find him at home. He gets clues about Mohit, who went out on the party night without telling anyone. He thinks to meet Mohit and confront him directly. He asks Anika to talk to Mohit and try to lessen his sorrow. He worries for Mohit. He really thinks Mohit is suffering. Anika assures Shivay that she will talk to Mohit and find to find out. She tells him that she will be with him. He tells her that he isn’t Shivay for the family, if anyone sees her with him, they will misunderstand her for being with Majnu. She refuses to get away from him. She tells him that everyone has already slept and she wants to be with him. They lie under the sky and count the stars, which makes a moment for them.

Jiji Maa:
Falguni gets the bad omens and stops Vidhaan from signing the deal which can ruin his career. Piyali threatens Falguni about Vidhaan. Falguni asks Vidhaan for a favor and makes her cancel the deal. Vidhaan doesn’t ask anything, as he trusts Falguni a lot. He faces big danger, when the client sends goons to beat up Vidhaan, because of the deal cancellation. Vidhaan gets bashed by goons. His life falls in trouble. Uttara gets the news of Vidhaan’s condition and turns against Piyali. She scolds Piyali for putting her son in trouble. She asks Piyali to do anything to ruin Falguni, but not involve her son.

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Tevar throws an open challenge for Sikandar.. Bebe asks Sikandar to accept Tevar and Kulfi’s relation if he really loves Kulfi. She tells Sikandar that Tevar loves Kulfi a lot and he shouldn’t come in between. She wants Kulfi to stay happy and knows that Sikandar wants the same. Sikandar feels sad that he has lost Kulfi. Tevar challenges him to prove his truth. He asks Sikandar if he liked Kulfi and his song. Sikandar tells him that he knows the truth, but has no proof. Tevar reminds him his huge promises and asks him to dare to complete it. Amyra and Kulfi team up to win against their friends. Kulfi tells Amyra that she wants their relation to get better with love. Amyra wants to give Lovely’s phone to Kulfi so that she can talk to her. Sikandar tells Tevar that he will soon bring the truth out, since Tevar always needs to know it.

YRKKH: An initiative to rekindle KaiRa’s love…. Naira gets stressed by Kartik’s move further. He meets Naira once again and tells her that he is getting engaged to Ashi. He tries to rekindle their love. He asks her to help him in choosing the engagement ring for Ashi. Naira gets emotionally drained and acts strong. He asks her to decide if she is really so strong. He doesn’t realize that he is hurting her. He asks her if she is getting hurt by their memories. He shows her engagement ring, and asks if he can gift this to Ashi. She gets hurt and doesn’t tell him that she is getting affected. She wants his betterment. She asks him to get engaged. She wishes him good and packs the ring. She tells him that she will live without him. He asks her if she will forget him and live without him. She finds tough to be without him, but she is helpless to part ways.

Mariam Khan – Reporting LIVE:

Majaaz and Mariam have a hit and miss. They are too close and even then get away. They yearn for each other. Farhaan hunts for them. Mariam wants to convey Farhaan’s evil ploy to Majaaz by some way. She takes help from a news channel. Reporter appeals to Majaaz on Mariam’s behalf. Majaaz goes to meet Mariam at the place, where Farhaan and goons are waiting to capture him. Mariam sees Majaaz there and tries to go, but hides on seeing Farhaan.

YHM: A new love tale to begin and raise the drama… Raman shouts out in pain and tells Ishita that he has lost. She asks him to complete the therapy session for Ruhi’s sake. She motivates him. She tells him that he can’t lose, he isn’t allowed to lose, he has to get back on his feet. Raman agrees to her just for the sake for Ruhi. Rohan and Aaliya clear the misunderstanding. They get friendly. He tells her that they were in real funny situation because of the little misunderstanding. Ishita supports Raman and asks him to walk. Raman gets happy when he gets on his feet. Ruhi gets a wonderful surprise on seeing him walking. Ishita and Ruhi ask him to put more efforts and recover soon. Ishita asks Raman to be strong-willed and complete the sessions every day. He apologizes for hurting her. She just wants to see him on his feet. She tells him that she will settle scores with him once he gets fine. They care for each other.

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