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TGI Friday 7 Upcoming Telly Hits 28th June 2019

TGI Friday’s Spoilers on TellyReviews… Aapke Aa Jane Se: Bhoomi fears of losing Ved. Vedika challenges Agarwals in the court. Vedika gets a big shock when Deepak lies in the court and testifies against her. Vedika’s evidences fall flat. Vedika breaks down after losing Ved’s custody. She prays for Ved. She burns her hand by keeping hand over diya. She wonders what’s happening to her, that she behaved so violently in the court. She doesn’t know that Nisha has done black magic on Vedika. Vedika faints by tension. Sahil cares for Vedika. Badi Amma’s plan worked. She has got Ved’s custody. She wants Sahil to hate Vedika. She proves Vedika mad and thinks she has won Vedika takes revenge from Badi Amma. She does all the things which Badi Amma has done to torture her. She shows the current wires and scares Badi Amma. She asks Badi Amma to perform as Anarkali. She tortures Badi Amma. Vedika laughs on her state. She compliments Badi Amma for her Anarkali look. Sahil gets helpless seeing Badi Amma bearing the tortures. She asks him to control Vedika.

Sunny tortures Meera. Vivaan reaches there on time and saves Meera. Vivaan and Sunny have a right. Vivaan gets police there. He gets Sunny arrested. Meera and Vivaan unite. Meera gets a cute dream of romancing Vivaan. She isn’t able to see Vivaan and family. She wishes to get her eyesight back. Vivaan tells Meera that he has found an eye donor for her. They don’t know the donor personally. They get suspicious about the donor. Vivaan takes care of Meera. He wants her to get fine soon. Meera gets his support.

Yamini and Dida make Kunal and Mauli perform puja together. Nandini dreams of Kunal. Dida messages Nandini and asks her not to come between Kunal and Mauli, they are bonded by a strong bond of marriage. Nandini falls lonely. Kunal stays with family for Dida’s sake. Kunal tells Nandini that he is with her, even if he is away, he respects Mauli, but loves only her. He gives her an assurance that he will soon come back. Kunal makes promises to Nandini and hugs her. They get together again. Nandini tells him that she will patiently wait for him.

Kundali Bhagya:
Karan wants to confess love to Preeta. He tells her that she is very special to him, nobody can take her place in his life. Preeta gets happy hearing him. She wonders if he is joking again. Karan seriously wants to tell her that she means the world to him.

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega:
Guddan gets ready for the dance performance. She reaches Akshat’s house. She sees Akshat and refuses to perform. The event manager asks her to pay 3 lakhs if she wants to leave suddenly. Guddan can’t arrange the money. She thinks to perform dance, by donning a ghunghat. She feels no one will know about her identity. She gets tangled by the ghunghat. Guddan and Akshat’s unique haldi ceremony goes on. Guddan tries to get rid of haldi ritual. Akshat comes there and bumps into her. They fall into the haldi pool. They both get the haldi applied.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai brings testing time for KaiRa… After the big marriage drama, Kartik and Naira finally unite. Kartik wants to assure Naira that they are one soul, and will fight with everything together. He tells her that illness is a small thing in front of their powerful love. He inspires her to accept the fate, and find positivity in it. Kartik tells her that her change in decision for marriage due to her illness, her sorrow and pain, have brought the families together. The families have forgotten their bitterness and even Suwarna’s hatred is gone, because of her condition. Naira also sees the brighter side, but stays afraid that things can go out of hand, Kartik has decided to support Naira, while she battles for her life.

Jija Ji Chath Par Hai:
Pancham teaches Ilaychi to use the telescope. They see the stars in the sky. Ilaychi gets glad. He sees a shooting star and gets surprised. He says I didn’t such a big shooting star before. She asks him to make a big wish. She wishes to marry Pancham and get his love. Pancham wishes for a good life.

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala:
Sikandar learns that Amyra is Lovely and Tevar’s daughter. He gets a big shock with this revelation. He was hunting for Kulfi’s truth, and came across Amyra’s father’s truth. He never imagined that Amyra could not be his daughter. He confronts Lovely over hiding such a big truth about his past relationship with Tevar. She apologizes to Sikandar. She stops him from telling the truth to anyone. She asks him if he can explain this truth to Amyra and hand her over to Tevar. She tells him that Amyra has grown up calling him father. She asks how can you give Amyra to Tevar, and get Kulfi home. She gives him a choice and asks him to choose between Amyra and Kulfi. She asks him if he will forget his bond with Amyra for the sake of Kulfi. She puts Sikandar in a big dilemma.

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