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Jiji Maa

Tonight On Star… Papa By Chance: Kids try to earn money. They get an idea and make Yuvaan exercise on the roof. The girls like Yuvaan and pay money to get a glimpse of the local hottie. The kids collect money. Bela and Amrit learn this and misunderstand Yuvaan. Amrit scolds Yuvaan. He asks Gungun and Ullu if they are doing business by showing off his fit body to others. The kids tell him that they got enough money. Yuvaan tells the girls that he will get money for selfie, they can get selfie with him. Kashvi meets him and tells him that the judge is coming to see him, how he is raising the kids with responsibility. He says if you do such cheap things, you will lose the kids’ custody. Amrit tells Yuvaan that she will be happy if he loses the custody, he is really careless. Yuvaan tells Kashvi that he will convince the judge by showing his love for the kids. The kids also agree to help him. Amrit and Yuvaan have a big clash.

Ishqbaaz: Mohit to catch Anika romancing Majnu Awara… Rudra and Bhavya have similar clashes once again. Bhavya tells him that she is helpless to live with the family to find the culprit and solve the mess. She clears his misunderstandings. She asks him not to irritate her. Shivay cooks food for the family. Tej asks Bhavya to find Shivay, nab him and put him in the jail since he is a criminal. The family disagrees with him. Bhavya tells Tej that she is working on the case and she will find the truth. Shivay asks them not to fight and have food. Mohit tells Bhavya that Shivay had a murder motive, since he was attracted towards Nancy. Mohit stains Shivay’s character, which angers Anika. Bhavya tells Mohit that the family testified vice-versa and Shivay can’t be held responsible by one person’s statement. She asks Mohit not to force his opinion to shut the case soon. Anika romances Shivay, and tells him that he is looking really cute in Majnu’s disguise.

Krishna Chali London: Krishna turns Radhe’s romance dreams true… Krishna gets happy that Radhe has survived. She tells him that everyone in the family loves him a lot. She finds hard to confess love to Radhe. She didn’t imagine that she will tell Radhe about her feelings. She finally makes the love confession to Radhe. Her confession gets a hurdle. She plans to surprise Radhe and give him the deserved happiness. Krishna asks Gajanan and Lali to go to hotel and rest. She stays back in the hospital to look after Radhe. She happily plans the surprise for Radhe and waits for him to wake up. Krishna gets dreamy about him. She recollects Radhe’s sweet smile and thinks to restore it. She falls in love with him and wants to shout out her love to Radhe.

YHM: Raman proves himself by cracking a tough deal… Raman and Ishita show their family unity and anger Sudha. Raman tells her that though he is on his wheelchair, he is more stronger before, since he has his family with him. He asks her not to try to break them, they will always be together. Sudha gets frustrated seeing them. Raman tries to help Aaliya in the project work. Ishita asks him to go office and work. He expected her to stop him from work and making him rest more. She tells him that she understands what gives him happiness. She wants him to break the shell and go out to feel very much abled. Raman thanks her for understanding him. Ishita helps him get ready for going office. Raman tells the family that he is going to office. The family gets happy for him. Ishita wishes that Raman gets his respect. Everyone praises Ishita for supporting Raman so much and understanding his happiness.

YRKKH: Kartik’s emotional surprise for Naira… Kartik builds up suspense for Naira. He meets her and offers her sweets to celebrate the good news of his marriage. He asks her to forget everything, since it has happened as she wanted, he will move on and start his new life. Naira sheds tears and realizes that she has lost him forever. He calls Ashi there and surprises Naira. Naira learns that Ashi got married to her love Karan. Kartik reveals his planning and tells Naira that he can never marry anyone else. He asks Naira if she really felt that he will forget her. He tells her that their bond is of seven births. Naira apologizes to Kartik. Everyone tells Naira that they are also part of the plan. Naira sheds tears of repentance. She tells Kartik that she wanted him to be happy. Kartik tells Naira that Suwarna has revealed to him about her illness and made him sworn to not let you go away. He feels bad that Naira has hidden this from him. He tells her that Suwarna has made him rectify their mistakes.

Jiji Maa: Piyali to tactfully snatch Falguni’s relations… Falguni tells Jayant about Niyati’s anger. He asks her to give some time to Niyati and let her calm her anger. He suggests her to go home, so that Niyati realizes her mistake. Niyati feels ashamed that Vidhaan is facing such a day because of Falguni. Piyali tells Niyati that she got the clients beaten up to take revenge for Vidhaan’s state. She impresses Niyati. She tells Niyati that she won’t tolerate if anyone hurts her. Niyati hugs her. Piyali uses her tactics to make Falguni away. Uttara sees Piyali’s clever tricks and gets angry. She cries for Vidhaan’s pain. She wants to give it back to Piyali. She doesn’t forgive Piyali. Jayant and Suyash meet Vidhaan. Uttara cries for Vidhaan.

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Sikandar and Lovely’s huge confrontation… Sikandar answers right about Amyra. They win against Kulfi and Tevar. Kulfi gets happy for Amyra’s win. Tevar feels Kulfi knows more about Sikandar than him. Tevar doesn’t know much about Kulfi. Sikandar impresses Amyra by telling more about her. Amyra gets happy knowing Sikandar knows much about her. Kulfi enjoys the game. She tells Tevar that she doesn’t care if she lost, she has got al the fun. Sattu scolds Nihalo and tells her that he will not listen to her now. He slaps her. He tells her that he knows to whom did she sell the cow. He is happy that Kulfi is got help from Lord and nobody can harm her. Sikandar recollects his promise. Lovely feeds sweets to Mohendar and asks him to shut up, instead breaking houses. Sikandar wishes he finds the truth and lives up to his promise.


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