Internet Wala Love: Aadhya to get insulted by Jai’s family

Internet Wala Love

Internet Wala Love: Aadhya to get insulted by Jai’s family.. Aadhya and Jai argue, and get insulting each other. Aadhya comments on his upbringing. Roopa slaps Aadhya in the party. Aadhya gets insulted in front of the guests. Roopa takes a stand for her son. Shubhankar gets angry on Roopa and fights with her, while taking a stand for his daughter. Jai’s Dada gets in between to strike peace between both the families. Dada reminds Roopa that Aadhya is soon getting married to Samrat, she will be becoming the bahu of their house, and its their duty to give her respect. Dada wants his family to behave well with Aadhya and her family. He makes an announcement in the party.

He tells everyone that Samrat and Aadhya will get engaged next week. Aadhya agrees for marrying Samrat just for the family’s sake. She doesn’t have any feelings for Samrat. She is confused over the alliance, because of her frustration on Jai. Dadi feeds sweets to Aadhya and family. Jai doesn’t want Aadhya to become part of his family. He threatens her and asks her to refuse to the alliance. Aadhya acts impulsively and wants to do just the opposite. Their fight works in Samrat’s favor.

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