Udaan: SuKor to battle child trafficking

Huge drama ahead in Udaan and Roop

Udaan: SuKor to battle child trafficking… Anjor shares about her friend Tuntun. She complains about Chakor to Tejaswini. Suraj and Tejaswini support Anjor. Chakor asks Suraj to be on his wife’s side. Tejaswini asks them not to scold Anjor. Suraj doesn’t want Chakor and Anjor to get upset with him. He tells them that he won’t take anyone’s side. Tuntun goes missing. Suraj and Chakor get worried knowing this. Anjor asks them to find Tuntun. Suraj assures that he will find Tuntun. He doesn’t think that some new illegal activity has begun in the village. He thinks Tuntun would be playing somewhere.

Tuntun gets kidnapped from the school. The goons kidnap young girls for child trafficking. Tuntun asks the goons to leave her and let her go home. The goon tells her that he is giving her a magical injection.

Some goons in the village trap a girl in the MMS scandal. They torture the girl. The girl asks the people to help her, but no one comes ahead to help. Suraj and Chakor learn the matter. They reach the girl and beat up the goons bravely. They save the girl’s life and get the goons arrested. Suraj asks inspector to interrogate the goons and get Tuntun’s whereabouts. Suraj and Chakor will be fighting against new evil in town.

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