Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Sikandar heads to Chirauli to unveil secrets

Kasautii Zindagii Kay and Kulfi Kumar Bajewala

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Sikandar heads to Chirauli to unveil secrets… Amyra makes a lovely surprise for Sikandar and Lovely. Kulfi shares her life’s bad experiences with her. She tells her that she misses her family. She is happy that Amyra is ready with the surprise. Lovely asks Sikandar not to reveal anything to Amyra. Sikandar finds Amyra hurt and rushes to help her. He loves her a lot. He can’t help, but stay silent about Lovely’s big lie. Amyra tells him that she is fine, being his brave daughter. Lovely convinces him to accept Amyra. They happen to see Amyra’s surprise gift, a wonderful collage of their best memories. They get emotional and cry. Amyra asks them if they didn’t like the surprise. She makes them promise that they will stay together.

Sikandar’s dilemma turns denser. Elsewhere, Kulfi tells Tevar that she will run the house as she wants. She doesn’t want him to waste money. She wants him to follow some basic house rules. Tevar feels proud of her. He wants her to get involved in the house matters. She wants to make her family the best by working hard. Lovely promises that they will be together always. She makes Sikandar promise as well.

Sikandar rushes out of the home to bear the shock. Lovely stops him and asks him not to break their family. She tells him that she accepted his past and wants him to accept her past too. Sikandar gets emotional about Amyra. Lovely tells him that Amyra won’t be able to accept this fact. He feels frustrated with Amyra’s birth truth. He finds some relief by Kulfi’s innocent song. Kulfi is happy to get a family for her. Sikandar feels he is doing injustice with her as well. He has failed to find her real father. Kulfi sings out her feelings over getting and making her family the best one. Kulfi tells her that she loves her cow a lot when there is no blood relation between then.

Sikandar answers her that relations are made by heart, not blood. He also gets the answers for his dilemma and hugs her. He thinks of accepting Amyra, who he regards his daughter from heart. He returns home, while Lovely gets tensed to know his decision. He scolds her for playing with many lives to veil one lie. He tells her that she has ruined Kulfi’s life to stop Amyra from going to Tevar. He scolds her for misleading Tevar. He demands her to give him evidences regarding Kulfi’s father. He tells her that he can accept Amyra, but not forgive Lovely. He wants to find Kulfi’s father and heads to Chirauli to get hidden secrets out.

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