YRKKH: Kartik takes a surprising new avatar

YRKKH: Kartik

YRKKH: Kartik takes a surprising new avatar.. Naira gets angered on herself that she has forgotten Kartik for a while. She can’t believe how her illness is making her lose the best memories of her life. Kartik asks her to listen to him once. She refuses to get the surgery done. Kartik tells her that its equally important for her to get the surgery done, else things can get worse. He asks her not to change her mind by any fear, since the surgery has to be completed on time without any delay. Kartik asks her to believe in him, if not on her fate. She tells him that she is losing faith in destiny, but she will always have faith in him.

Kartik’s true love succeeds to pacify Naira in pain. Naira fears of forgetting her loved ones. She tells him that she can accept to die with all the memories in tact, but she would not accept to live by forgetting Kartik and their love. She tells him what he means to her, and how incomplete she is without him. Naira’s feelings are acknowledged by him. Kartik understands her pain and stays silent. He tries to act strong in front of them. He prays that the tough phase passes soon.


Kartik meets the doctor, while Naira gets the tests done. Doctor informs him about Naira’s worsening condition. He suggests Kartik to wind up the marriage rituals soon, so that Naira can be rushed for the surgery. Kartik thinks of conducting the sindoor ritual and marrying Naira to keep her wish. He doesn’t want to delay and put her life in risk. Naira cries for her state and worries. She doesn’t get sleep. She stays awake and tries to hold on to her memories. Naira tells Kartik that she doesn’t want to forget him ever. Seeing her cry, he finds a way to make her smile.

Kartik gets dressed as a doctor and cheers up Naira. She tells him that she hates doctors, but not this one. They have cute moments. Kartik boasts of his good looks and calls her lucky to get him. He tells her that he has been a professor for her before and now he will become her doctor as well. Apart from jokes, she tells him that he is really a doctor for her, since he is the person curing her illness. She asks him to always be with her, so that she can recover soon. Kartik romances Naira and asks her to think about their marriage which is going to happen next day. Kartik loves her a lot. He gets sindoor for her and sheds tears of sorrow. Naira didn’t wish Kartik to get troubled because of her. They both have fear in mind, but hold courage. The family prays for Naira.

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