Jija Ji Chath Par Hai: Murari turns surprisingly brave

Jija Ji Chath Par Hai: Murari to shoot down Pancham

Ilaychi is sorrowful. She stays upset in her room. She misses Pancham. She thinks of Murari’s inferiority complex. She worries that Murari has become a drunkdar to get rid of his fears. She wishes Pancham solves the problem. Maid comes to give her milk. She asks Ilaychi why is she upset. Ilaychi tells about Murari’s cowardliness. Maid tells her that someone has controlled Murari’s mind so that he lives in fear all his life. She gives her a solution. She asks her to meet some tantric, who will change Murari and make him bold. She asks Ilaychi to come along with her, they will get help from Murari from tantric, Murari will turn brave. Ilaychi tells her that she doesn’t believe this, they just have to make Murari realize his inner strength and fight with his fears.

Murari becomes brave overnight and scares Chote by taking a disguise. Murari laughs and tells Chote that he isn’t a coward now, he can scare people. Chote gets angry and beats him up. He says you have scared me so much, any ways I m impressed and happy seeing your bravery. He asks Murari to help him when he fights with goons. Murari agrees to support him.



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