Mariam Khan – Reporting LIVE: Majaaz protects Mariam from all odds

Mariam Khan - Reporting LIVE: Majaaz protects Mariam from all odds

Mariam Khan – Reporting LIVE: Majaaz protects Mariam from all odds… Aayat locks up Nawaaz and also hurts him. She threatens Farhaan about exposing his truth. She asks him to handover Mariam to her. Aayat wants Mariam to donate her kidney to Jibraan. Mariam feels hungry. Majaaz feels helpless since he has no money. He carries Mariam with her. They see some posters. Majaaz becomes a wanted criminal. Aayat blackmails Farhaan by finding evidences against him to hand over to the police. Farhaan tells her that he will get Mariam to her, but his secret shouldn’t be revealed. She gives her word. Majaaz and Mariam hide from the goons.

Majaaz asks Mariam to wait for him. He goes and steals some food for her. He feeds her food. He tells her that the place is safe for them. Mariam asks about the posters. He shares how he is regarded a criminal because of the misunderstandings. Farhaan looks for them. Mariam doesn’t want to hide for long. She wants to go home.

Majaaz doesn’t know how to explain her the tough situation. He tells her that they are playing a game and have to win at any cost. A stranger helps them and takes them to a lodge. Majaaz and Mariam get a relief after getting a place in lodge. The lady identifies Majaaz and wants to report to police. Rifat fools Madiha and asks her to sign the papers so that she deals with the problems. Rifat gets worried when Meher checks the papers. Rifat misleads them and gets Madiha’s signatures. She wants to make Mariam out her way. Majaaz wishes the police doesn’t reach him. Farhaan gets close to nab Majaaz and Mariam.

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