Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Ruhi’s shocking move to stun Bhallas

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Ruhi's shocking move to stun Bhallas

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Ruhi’s shocking move to stun Bhallas… Sudha pays money to Monica and asks her to give her information about Bhallas. She meets Mani at the restaurant. She invites him for a talk about Aaliya. She instigates him against Bhallas. She tells him how Raman and Ishita have ignored Aaliya’s future and chose Ruhi. She asks him to better protect Aaliya. Ishita sympathizes with Aaliya. Raman gets angry on Rohan’s move. Ishita tells him that Rohan isn’t ill-mannered, he is modest, he loves Aaliya and wants to marry her. She tells how Rohan behaved good with them. She asks him to think for Aaliya. She tells him that they should get Aaliya married to Rohan, since he loves her. She doesn’t want Aaliya to live like a widow. Sudha tells Mani that if Rohan loves Aaliya, its not a problem to get them married. She asks him to answer Raman and Ishita, and bring Aaliya out of widowhood. She asks Mani to support Aaliya’s second marriage.

Mani turns upset hearing her out. Sudha gets happy to hurt Raman and Ishita. Raman agrees with Ishita to settle down Aaliya. He asks Ishita to take Aaliya’s consent before anything else and know what she wants to do. He suggests that they give some time to Aaliya. Aaliya tells Shagun that Ruhi is disturbed because of her. She gets depressed over the happenings.

Aaliya tells Shagun that she will never wear colourful clothes. She wants to live like a widow and wear plain clothes. She doesn’t want to create any misunderstanding in anyone’s life. She decides to dress in whites and live as Adi’s widow. Rohan feels sorry for Aaliya. He thinks to talk to her once and clear the misunderstanding. He feels guilty.

He tells Karan that he is in love with Aaliya. Karan asks him to date girls than opting for marriage. Rohan is sure that Karan will fall in love for sure. Mani meets Bhallas and confronts them about Rohan’s interest in Aaliya. He tells them that they can get Rohan married to Aaliya. He doesn’t want Aaliya to suffer. He asks Raman and Ishita to consider the alliance for Aaliya’s betterment.

Ishita tells Mani that she also worried for Aaliya. The family receives a shock on seeing Aaliya dressed as a widow. Aaliya tells them that she is responsible for Ruhi’s sorrow. She blames herself for all the problems. Mani gets angered seeing his daughter crying. Ishita asks Aaliya not to be so orthodox and lose herself. Ruhi meets Aaliya and vents out her anger on Aaliya. Aaliya apologizes to Ruhi. Mani breaks down seeing Aaliya’s state and asks Shagun to take away Aaliya with them.

Ruhi throws sindoor at Aaliya and asks her to marry Rohan. She doesn’t want Aaliya to dress up like a widow. She tells Aaliya that it was not her mistake. She asks Aaliya to approve Rohan’s alliance, knowing he loves her a lot. She asks her to value true love. Ruhi sorts the problem between Bhallas and Mani. She doesn’t know Rohan well, but realizes that he truly loves Aaliya. She requests Aaliya to move on and settle down. Aaliya accepts her request. Raman and Ishita fix a meeting to bring Rohan and Aaliya together.

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