Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Sikandar seeks answers from Sattu

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Sikandar seeks answers from Sattu

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Sikandar seeks answers from Sattu… Sikandar heads to find the truth about Kulfi’s father. Kulfi become strict towards Tevar and fulfills her responsibility to make the family the best. She tells Tevar that she doesn’t want to spoil him by pampering, and even he shouldn’t pamper her a lot. He asks him to make food and eat, rather than ordering food from hotel. She makes him understand the value of food. She asks him to do his work on his own. Amyra meets them. Kulfi and Amrya’s friendship comes as a relief for Tevar. Sikandar reaches Sattu’s house to find the truth. Lovely asks Cutie to help her and stop Sikandar from knowing the truth about Kulfi. They get a big shock when they see Nihali at the door. Cutie feels everything has gone out of hands, as Nihali isn’t in Chirauli to mislead Sikandar. Sikandar happens to come across Sattu. He asks him about Kulfi.

Sattu realizes Sikandar’s identity and gets stunned on seeing him in the village. Tevar tells Amyra and Kulfi about the projector, which can help them in work. Kulfi teaches team work to Tevar and Amyra. Amyra seeks Tevar’s help in her work. Tevar asks her to do her work on own. Kulfi asks him to take care of them. Tevar tells them that he will cook for them. Sikandar asks Sattu to answer him about Kulfi. Sattu denies to answer Sikandar. He refuses to talk to Sikandar, knowing his tortures on Nimrat and Kulfi. He tells Sikandar that he is Kulfi’s uncle, who has sent her to city with difficulty. Nihalo gets pleased seeing Cutie’s lavish house. Cutie asks her to leave the house. Lovey gets worried seeing Nihalo. She doesn’t want her truth to come out. Sikandar tells Sattu that he has come to meet him and seeks answers.

Sattu hates him. He asks Sikandar to leave. Sikandar wants to know the reason for Sattu’s hatred. Tevar follows a recipe and tries his hand at cooking. He cooks horrible food and gives up. He tells Kulfi that he will order food from a hotel. Kulfi asks Tevar and Amyra not to give up and learn their work so that they don’t depend on others. She tells them that they can help each other to complete the task. She shares Nimrat’s teachings with Tevar, who feels Nimrat has taught too much to Kulfi. Kulfi helps the servants in cooking. Tevar and Amyra finish the project. They finish both the big tasks together. Sikandar demands Sattu to help him. He asks Sattu if he isn’t worried for Kulfi. He scolds Sattu for being so irresponsible. Sattu’s wounds get fresh. He recollects Nimrat’s pain and death. He asks Sikandar not to take Kulfi’s name. Sattu doesn’t want to tell him the truth. Sikandar gets adamant to know the truth.

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  1. Sittu is being a fool. Those serials sometimes makes you feels like fustrated fools and you want to stop seeing them. If that goof sittu really cates for kulfi hevwouldbtell sikandar and the child would be safe. Dont know what they think of those directors. Will stop viewing kulfi i think too frustrating.


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