Muskaan to reject Ronak’s friendship

Muskaan: Ronak makes a shocking revelation

Ronak gifts Muskaan a dress for the fashion show. He asks her to become his friend. Muskaan returns his gift and also refuses to become his friend. Ronak gets stunned by her reply. She gets away and asks him not to follow her. She doesn’t keep his gifted dress. She tells him that she doesn’t wear such gowns, she has worn it for the fashion show and the purpose is fulfilled now. She tells him that she comes to college just for studies. She looks forward to meet Aarti. She thinks if Tabassum knows about Ronak, she will stop her studies and also make Aarti away. Muskaan is not allowed to make friends. She doesn’t want Ronak to become part of her life.

She wishes he doesn’t know anything about her background. She feels he is interfering a lot in her life. Ronak praises her work in the fashion show, which helped the cancer patients. After Muskaan goes, Suzaine meets Ronak.

Ronak complains to her about stubborn Muskaan. He gives the dress for Muskaan. Suzaine takes the dress back for Muskaan. Suzaine wants Ronak to reform Muskaan’s life. Muskaan is worried because of Tabassum and Sir ji’s warnings. She doesn’t want to put him in trouble, remembering the earlier attack on him. She feels he is a nice guy, but she doesn’t deserve a friend like him. She limits her feelings because of her background and helplessness. She conceals her truth from him. Suzaine understands Muskaan’s fears. She wishes Muskaan and Ronak fall in love and get inseparable.

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