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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai/YRKKH: Kartik and Naira will be married in a unique style. Kartik gets happy that Naira didn’t forget him, as he was fearing. They go ahead with the functions. Naira gets surprised seeing the grand arrangements in the hospital. She asks Kartik when did he do everything in such a short time. Kartik tells her that he can do anything for her. Kartik and Naira will be exchanging rings first and then do the tilak rasam, before proceeding for marriage. The couple will marry in the hospital wing. Kartik and families hurry for the marriage rituals to complete, so that Naira’s brain surgery can commence soon. Kartik hopes that happiness lies in their fate.

Aapke Aa Jane Se: Sahil decides to marry Bhoomi again. Vedika performs in their Sangeet function. Vedika and Bhoomi have a dance face-off. Bhoomi tries to prove that she is the best. Sahil falls Vedika slipping down the stage and runs to hold her. Sahil’s mehendi gets on Vedika’s hand. Sahil and Vedika get together because of Ved. Bhoomi gets upset seeing this. Vedika fulfills her duty.

She assists Bhoomi in the marriage function. She gets Bhoomi to the marriage mandap. Vedika wants Sahil and Bhoomi to get married. Sahil takes wedding rounds with Bhoomi. Bhoomi wants security and thinks Sahil will move on if Vedika attends the wedding. Badi Amma taunts Vedika to hurt her heart. Ved faints down suddenly. Sahil discontinues the rounds, and runs to Ved. Vedika, Bhoomi and Sahil get worried for Ved. The marriage gets a halt. They rush Ved to the hospital.

Jiji Maa:

Suyash reprimands Falguni for trying to kill Piyali. Falguni gets framed in Piyali’s planning once again. Suyash tells Falguni that he is upset with her, because of the big change in her behavior. He asks her to leave from his house. Piyali pretends good to them. Suyash doesn’t want to keep relations with Falguni, since he is dying soon. He wants to make her away from his life, so that she can move on. Suyash and Falguni experience a painful moment. They yearn and cry for each other.

Ishq Mein Marjawa: Deep intensifies the mystery by mocking death… Tara shoots down Deep and sheds tears. She believes Deep’s death. Aarohi and Deep have made this plan to fool Tara and Virat. Aarohi recollects the plan. Aarohi believes Deep, that he just loves her and wants to save their child’s life. They make a plan to mock Deep’s death so that he can get rid of Tara forever. Deep wants to get out of Tara’s reach and settle down with Aarohi to have a peaceful future. Aarohi and Deep’s planning will be seen as a flashback scene. Tara is mad for Deep. She hurts herself, thinking of her madness to shoot Deep down. Aarohi hopes that Virat and Tara believe Deep’s death and spare him.

Krishna Chali London:
Shukla wants Radhe’s bail. Prashant makes sure that Radhe doesn’t get the bail. He stops Krishna from helping Radhe. Krishna keeps Shukla’s wife’s request and heads to meet Prashant to convince him for withdrawing the case. She sees Shukla at Prashant’s house and overhears their conversation. Shukla and Prashant have a heated argument. They both count each other’s crimes and admit their partnership in breaking Radhe and Krishna’s relation. Shukla asks Prashant to get Radhe released from jail. He threatens to expose Prashant’s deeds. Prashant also threatens of telling Radhe about Shukla’s misdeeds. Krishna knew Shukla will plan such a thing, but didn’t expect Prashant to be involved. He gets moved by this truth and ends her friendship with Prashant. She decides to get Radhe released.

Papa By Chance:
Yuvaan chases Ullu to cut his long hair. Ullu doesn’t want to lose his hair. He loves his hairstyle. Yuvaan tells him that he is looking like a monkey, he will look civilized if he gets a sober hair style. Ullu asks Bela to save his hair. Bela asks Yuvaan not to trouble Ullu. Yuvaan tells her that he wants to cut Ullu’s hair. Yuvaan pretends to get hurt. Ullu goes to see him. Yuvaan catches him. Gungun asks Yuvaan not to cut Ullu’s hair. Yuvaan doesn’t listen. Gungun stops Yuvaan and tells him the story about Ullu’s long hair. She tells Yuvaan that mum used to like Ullu’s long hair and called him little Kanha of the family.

Ullu says if you cut my hair, mum won’t find me her Kanha. Yuvaan gets emotional and changes his decision. Dhoni thanks Yuvaan for pleasing their mum with decision. Gungun reminds the principal’s warning to Ullu. Yuvaan tells him that he wanted to cut Ullu’s hair because of principal’s warning, but when Ullu doesn’t want to cut his hair, he will make a plan to trick principal. He tells them that he will make Ullu’s hair appear short, without cutting them off. The kids get puzzled and ask Yuvaan about his mysterious planning.

Udaan: Suraj-Chakor to begin a battle for justice… Suraj and Tejaswini learn about the attack on Chakor and Anjor. They get really worried knowing the goon has reached the house and dared to threaten them. Chakor wants to secure Anjor and also fight for truth. She asks Suraj to support her in her fight. Chakor meets Rajeshwari Devi and gives her word that she will not protest further. She sees Bacha Pandey at Rajeshwari’s office. She beats him right there. Chakor’s brave move is covered by the media. Suraj and Tejaswini see Chakor’s fight on the news channel. Suraj reaches Chakor and controls the situation. He feels Chakor has done right to bear the criminal. Tejaswini gets upset with Chakor. She asks Chakor not to put their safety and happiness at stake. She feels Chakor is risking their lives, despite knowing everyone.

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