High Five Spoilers: Silsila, YHM and more…

Telly Spoilers Today 19th June 2019

Kunal and Nandini get on a romantic date. They meet in the cafe and spend some romantic time together. Mauli is also in the same cafe with her friends. She tells them that Kunal is busy, he can’t move. She sees Kunal and Nandini romancing, and gets uncomfortable. She tries to leave before her friends could see them. Mauli’s friends see Kunal and ask Mauli what’s happening, why is Kunal with some other woman, does he have an affair. Mauli gets speechless to answer. Mauli’s friends go to Kunal to question him. They fight for Mauli. They ask Kunal how can they cheat Mauli this way. They care for Mauli and feel Kunal is doing wrong with her. Mauli stops her friends from ruining Kunal and Nandini’s date. Mauli leaves with her friends. She apologizes to Kunal for spoiling his date. She still has hope in her relation, that things will work out soon.

Aapke Aa Jane Se:
Ved suddenly faints in Sahil and Bhoomi’s marriage. They rush Ved to doctor. Doctor reveals the bad news that Ved is suffering from cancer. The family gets a big shock. Vedika isn’t able to accept the truth. Sahil gets anger on doctor. Doctor tells them that Ved’s life can still get saved, if his treatment begins on right time.

Ishq Mein Marjawa:
Mausi acts to help Deep and Aarohi. She gives them a shelter. She then informs Tara and Virat that Aarohi is at her house. Aarohi learns that Mausi is also with Tara and wants to kill her unborn child. Aarohi meets Mausi and threatens her. She confronts Mausi and makes her eat the same drugged laddoos. Mausi faints after consuming the laddoos. Tara has learnt Deep and Aarohi’s death drama. Virat and Tara reaches Mausi’s place. Mausi was cheating Deep and Aarohi. Tara attacks Deep and Aarohi once again.

Tara confronts Deep for mocking his death and cheating her. She asks Deep why did he do this. Deep manages to trick her. Aarohi points a knife at Tara’s neck and runs away. Tara shoots at her to kill. Aarohi escapes. She hides at a safe place. Tara threatens her to come out and face her. Aarohi wants to protect her baby. She calls Deep to seek help. Deep assures that they will save their child.

Meera and Vivaan celebrate their devotion in Jagrata. Meera is worried knowing the doctor is murdered. She could have got clues from the doctor. She fails to get any evidence from the shop vendor and doctor. She challenges Mata Rani and asks her to solve her problems. Meera gets Vivaan and Paromita’s picture. Meera realizes the truth. Meera does the aarti. She gets the flashes of the past and gets to see Vivaan with Paromita. The mystery gets solved for her. She learns that Vivaan is Paromita’s lover. Meera cries. Meera wants to know the truth from Vivaan. She feels Vivaan has cheated her by hiding the truth.

Udaan: Chakor to fall in huge trouble… Chakor meets the welfare minister Rajeshwari Devi. She gets a big shock knowing the minister is the boss of Bacha Pandey. Rajeshwari blesses Bacha Pandey. She leaves the child trafficking scam. Chakor can’t believe that the government who is meant to protect people has such evil people. Chakor scolds the minister. She decides to expose the minister in front of the media. Chakor gets targeted by the minister and the goons. Minister asks them to teach Chakor a lesson so that her courage breaks down. The goons misbehave with Chakor. Chakor tries to fight back.

Mariam Khan – Reporting LIVE:
Majaaz knows how Aayat has tortured Mariam, he can never leave Mariam with cruel Aayat. He tells Nawaaz that he will just go along with Mariam, else he will manage to stay back till he gets help. He doesn’t want to repeat his mistakes, for which he is regretting so much. Majaaz encourages Mariam and promises to take her to the family. Majaaz gets worried when police reaches close to catch him. He is mistaken by the police. Nawaaz manages to secure Majaaz.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:
Rohan, Karan and Bhallas have a misunderstanding. Rohan and Karan tolerate a lot of insult from Bhallas. Bhallas want Rohan to get married to Aaliya. Things undergo a big change, when Rohan learns about Bhallas insulting his mother. Rohan gets angered about this, but maintains his act in the decency limit, while Karan gets into a fight with Bhallas. Karan hurts Raman. Bhallas come ahead to protect Raman, they have no idea about Karan’s reason of wrath. Ishita doesn’t want who is Karan and what enmity does he have with them. Raman gets safeguarded. Rohan learns about Karan’s raging move against Bhallas, and reaches there to stop them. Rohan then reveals his family background to Bhallas.

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  1. In YHM, i heard that Rohan is Ms. Sudha’s son. I am watching the show regularly but not getting why Rohan didn’t introduce his mother to Bhallas at the restaurant. he was acting as he was seeing her for the first time. i think this time also Aliya is falling for a wrong guy…. or they had laid a trap for Aliya…

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