Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Raman and Ishita’s problems to get high again

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Stunning meet up of Raman and Yug

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Raman and Ishita’s problems to get high again.. Rohan tells Sudha that he isn’t interested in knowing her intentions, but its wrong to insult Bhallas. He doesn’t care for Aaliya’s past. He doesn’t want to know the reason behind Ishita’s move to kill Adi. He shows his belief in Aaliya and Ishita. This pleases the family. Rohan requests Sudha to leave from there. Raman gets insulting Sudha. Shagun tells Aaliya that Rohan is a nice guy. Rohan asks them to finish the dinner. Bhallas leave the dinner midway. Mani apologizes to Rohan for everything. Rohan tells him that he loves Aaliya a lot and won’t lose so soon. Ruhi gets late for the dinner. She meets Karan at the cafe. She finds him a cheapster. She decides to spy on him and find his truth. She thinks if Rohan is also a flirt like Karan. Bhallas get upset because of Sudha.

Aaliya asks Ishita not to stay silent and give an answer to Sudha, if they are right. She wants to do something to make Sudha away from them. Raman gets angered. Ishita asks them to leave the topic about Sudha and talk about Rohan. Shagun tells him that Rohan is a nice guy and they should go ahead with the alliance. Raman asks them to go slow, nothing will be lost. He asks Mani why did he invite Rohan. Mani tells them that he invited Rohan so that Aaliya and Rohan know each other. Raman and Ishita tell Mani that Aaliya’s decision matters to them. They ask Mani not to pressurize Aaliya. Mani gets into an argument with them. Aaliya asks them to end the topic and not force her for meeting Rohan. Karan flirts with the girl, and exposes her truth to her husband, who happens to be his friend.

Karan reveals the girl’s truth. Ruhi happens to see this and gets a good impression of Karan. She thinks Karan is like Raman, who appears bitter, but is good at heart. Ishita and Ruhi want to do arrangements of Navratri. Ruhi tries to tell them about Karan. Rohan’s mother Kaushalya meets them. She gets Rohan’s alliance for Aaliya. She requests them to accept Rohan’s relation. She likes Aaliya. She tells them that they will keep Aaliya’s Roka soon. Raman asks her to give them some time to think well and decide. Kaushalya asks them to call her if they change their decision.

Ishita tells her that they will talk to Aaliya first and inform her. Kaushalya gets upset that they refused to the alliance. She feels sick and meets with an accident. She gets hurt. Mani meets Rohan and thanks him for answering Sudha. He wants Aaliya’s marriage to happen with him. Rohan gets glad. Rohan gets informed about his mother. Rohan reaches Raman’s building to meet his mum. Rohan gets upset and turns revengeful against Raman. Karan and Rohan express their wrath on Bhallas.


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