Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Kartik to fulfill Naira’s LAST wish

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Kartik to fulfill Naira's LAST wish

In the upcoming episodes of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, Kartik and Naira’s marriage will be seen for one more time. The couple got divorced, owing to the never ending misunderstandings and differences. After their divorce, they realize what they were really missing in life, how much they matter to each other. The couple falls in love once again, and decide to get married. Naira’s illness comes in between their marriage planning. Naira lies to Kartik and hides her illness. She refuses to marry him. Kartik learns her illness and makes a plan to make her accept her feelings. Fortunately, his plan works and Naira breaks down with the thought of his marriage with someone else. They both mean a world for themselves, and can’t live after parting ways. There has been much drama because of the illness Naira is battling. The agony of the related families is very much evident.

Naira forgets Kartik for a while, and then her memory resumes. The partial memory loss flashes upsets her. She just wants to get fine for her loved ones. Kartik gets upset knowing Naira is hiding her deteriorating state from him. He also wants to please her heart by his sweet gestures.

Kartik gets baraat for Naira. Everyone was waiting for this moment. The ladies sing and dance. Naitik and Naksh give the gifts to groom. Kartik and his family dance in the baraat. Singhania women welcome Kartik and do his aarti. Kartik is super happy to marry his wife again. He happily dances and makes everyone dance. Manish does the Naagin dance along with Naksh.

Suwarna also performs to make Naira smile. Naira doesn’t dance, and just sings for the family. The ladies get rings for Kartik and Naira. The couple exchanges the rings. Naksh covers Kartik’s eyes when Naira gives her hand. The women also keep their hands and try to confuse Kartik. Kartik proves his true love by finding Naira’s hand. He makes her wear the ring. Everyone claps for Kartik and shower rose petals on the couple. The ring ceremony begins the marriage rituals.

Kartik makes grand arrangements in the hospital. Kartik and Naira’s families bless them for the marriage. All the marriage rituals get done in a hurried fashion. Naksh and Kirti take charge of switching the marriage rituals on time. Kartik gifts an all-ritual marriage to Naira, instead just Sindoor Daan rasam as per the timely need. Naira gets too joyed with Kartik’s surprise. Kartik and Naira look perfect together in their color-coordinated customized attires. They compliment each other as well. Kartik brings to bring much joy in the simple wedding. Families gifts them bundles of joy.

Kartik tells Naira that he has done all that he could do. He gives his love and best wishes to her for her surgery. Kartik wants to be with Naira in any situation, good or bad. He succeeds to fulfill Naira’s last wish before the sugrery, that they get married. Kartik prays that Naira doesn’t suffer a memory loss after the surgery. Kartik accompanies Naira for the surgery, while the families head to temple to pray for Naira’s recovery. What will happen next? Keep reading.

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