Ishqbaaz: Oberois’ brothers to lose their unity

Ishqbaaz presents special brotherly bond yet again

Ishqbaaz: Oberois’ brothers to lose their unity.. Tej informs the family that he is going to London for business work. He asks Shivay to explain them why is he going. Shivay tells them that Tej is going to handle business issues. Dadi permits Tej to leave. Tej asks Omkara and Rudra to finish his shopping, till he wraps up his things. Shivay tells them that he will finish his meetings and come, to see off Tej. Tej gives his things list so that Omkara and Rudra come back late. Omkara and Rudra get emotional thinking their dad is leaving. Anika worries for Shivay. She tries to talk to Shivay. Omkara and Rudra find Anika and Shivay hiding something. Anika calls Shivay and goes to meet him. She tells him that she can sense he is hiding something and dealing with his problems. She gives him a Mauli thread for his safety. She tells him that she is much worried for him and also did a puja for him. Shivay thankfully hugs her.

He asks her to go to the temple with Dadi. Tej gives Omkara and Rudra’s picture to his aides and asks them to kill them. Khanna spies on Tej and finds this shocking thing. He informs Shivay about Tej’s move. The men try to execute the accident. Shivay rushes home to confront Tej. He asks Tej why is he trying to kill his sons, why is he cheating him this way. He asks Tej to call his aides and stop them. Tej doesn’t listen to him. Tej then starts blackmailing Shivay. Shivay stays under stress. Tej starts instigating Shivay and tells him that he will have everything to him, but not Omkara and Rudra. He tells Shivay that he wants his sons’ share. Tej stops Shivay from calling police. He threatens to shoot Shivay. Omkara and Rudra pass time and complete the shopping. Shivay doesn’t get shocked with Tej’s evil.

He gets angered and asks Tej to shoot him down. Tej asks him not to test him. He tells Shivay that Omkara and Rudra will die soon. Shivay turns into an angry young man and gets willing to do anything to save Omkara and Rudra’s lives. He first tries to beg Tej for their lives. When Tej doesn’t listen to him, Shivay shoots at Tej’s arm to stop him from giving instructions to his aides. Shivay then worries for Omkara and Rudra’s lives. He gives the instructions to the goons, that nothing should happen to Omkara and Rudra. Shivay succeeds to save their lives from the fatal accident.

Shivay apologizes to Tej for shooting him. The family returns home and learns Shivay has shot Tej. Tej himself tells them that Shivay has shot him to get the property. The family can’t believe this. Tej tells his sons that Shivay has snatched their dad. He dies in front of them. Jhanvi beats Shivay for making her a widow. She demands an answer from him. Omkara and Rudra get hugely disappointed with Shivay, when Shivay admits that he has shot Tej. Shivay doesn’t let Khanna tell anything to them about Tej’s evil deed. Omkara and Rudra misunderstand Shivay. They get against Shivay. Anika understands that Shivay is hiding Tej’s misdeed. The family hates Shivay for ruining them for his greed.

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