Ishq SubhanAllah: Ruksar creates a stir in Kabeer-Zara’s happy marriage

Ishq SubhanAllah Ruksar to mend Kabeer-Zara's bond

Ishq SubhanAllah: Ruksar creates a stir in Kabeer-Zara’s happy marriage… Kabeer meets Zara’s family and tries to defend himself. He expresses his love for Zara. He justifies why he married Ruksar, since he had promised Zeenat that he will get Ruksar home safely. He gets trapped by his own principles. The family gets too upset with him. Kabeer reveals the truth and the back story. He tries to explain them that whatever he did was the need of the house. Zara’s parents scold Kabeer.

Ruksar meets Kabeer’s mum and begs her for accepting her as bahu. Kabeer’s mum wants to support Zara. She doesn’t want to do injustice with Zara. Ruksar tries to melt her heart and asks her to support her. Kabeer’s mum tells her that the house will lose happiness if she supports her. Ruksar questions about Kabeer’s move. She asks where shall I go if Zara oust me from here.

Kabeer’s mum doesn’t listen to her and makes her out of the room. Ruksar refuses to leave and asks for her rights, equal to Zara. Ruksar claims the bahu’s rights. Kabeer’s mum gives money and jewelry to Ruksar, and asks her to leave the house. Ruksar asks her if she is trying to buy her. She refuses to accept money.

Kabeer feels upset that he has turned down everyone’s expectations. He didn’t reveal the truth to them before, and feels its justified that everyone is misunderstanding him now. He understands their anger and sorrow. He can understand Zara’s sentiments as well. Ruksar has proved Kabeer to be a liar. Kabeer tells them that his marriage with Ruksar isn’t valid, since he has married her only to save her life. He refuses to accept that marriage. What will Zara do against Ruksar’s plans? Keep reading.

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